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Florida-bound Thomson Boeing 787 Dreamliner forced to return to Manchester Airport after a 'technical issue'

The Thomson Boeing 787 Dreamliner departed from the airport for Sanford in Orlando, Florida, this afternoon. It was later spotted on a plane-tracking website circling over north Wales, understood to be dumping fuel. ( More...

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Colin Varndell 3
Any incident involving a 787 is going to get maximum exposure by the media. The Thomson dreamliner that had to return to Manchester with technical problems would have got no exposure whatsoever had it been any other aircraft. I respect A.K Mittal's opinion but I do not believe that the dreamliner is jinxed. Although it does not exactly inspire confidence at present boeing will sort this aircraft out and I believe it will eventually live up to all of the promises that have been made about it.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Am I allowed to humors my friends or not?
Gene spanos 1
I would not use the word " jinx " in the same sentence when the lives of many people rely on those personnel who built this aircraft.Either this plane is air worthy or not.

Er.A.K. Mittal -2
Battery fires, Ethiopian Airlines fire and now this .
Is B-787 jinxed ?
Jim Anderson 1
Please cite proof the Ethiopian incident was a "battery fire."
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Who said so? Three episodes I mean. Or you are not aware of the grounding of ALL B-787s due to battery fire hazard a few months back?
Jim Anderson 1
Of course I am. Please cite references to the Ethiopean incident being caused by the same thing.
matt jensen 1
Ya think?


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