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(Video) Helicopter balances on rail on side of road

A helicopter approaches and balances on a barrier/rail on the side of the road at the scene of a car accident to drop off someone, presumably as part of emergency response. ( More...

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toolguy105 4
I've seen these medevac pilots put these choppers down in places you wouldn't believe. They will put them down on postage stamp size LZ's with literally inches between the rotors and tree limbs or buildings in gusty winds and rain. They are truly the lifesavers for trauma victims.
Not a big deal. We used to practice by putting the front of one skid on top of a telephone pole and do a 360 without ever having the skid leave the pole. That's just one of the exercises we cherished.
Roger McHugh 3
Did anyone get out of the helicopter while you were doing that training?
It wasn't part of any training, believe me. Stupid was part of being a help pilot in that era.
Wow. You must be one of the experts. I am not a pilot, but love flying sim games. I do that MS flt sim since 1999, but still I cant properly land helicopters, even a Bell Jet Ranger :( I can manage landing 747s safely, but landing choppers is still a big deal for me.
We were young and crazy and there were thousands of us trying to outdo each other. Sometimes when we left at daybreak we would fly down the Perfume river with the tips is our skids in the water and make many fishermen jump out of their boats as we approached at 80 kts with water flying everywhere and blade tips only a few feet off the water. Anything for fun. Lol
joel wiley 2
Oh, that explains it. Youths with green machines on another continent.
You got it!
WhiteKnight77 1
Back when I was aircrew in the Marines, we would do main mount landings. Being in a training squadron at the time, PUIs (pilots under instruction) would be taught how to do them. I had the occasion to do them on both the a dam at Camp Pendleton and Pleasants Peak in the Santa Ana Mountains in SoCal. This was before they closed Tustin MCAS(H) and El Toro MCAS. We also did confined area landings in Silverado Canyon just below the mountains. This in areas just a bit bigger than our Phrogs.
Stan Dickerson 1
As an E5 supervisor in MP Co. At Pendelton in 70 we would often go out to the Dam and watch the show and take a break!
Manobra arriscada, porem excutada com segurança mostrando muita habilidade do piloto... !!
Stan Dickerson 1
Wallace! You bring back the days and nights of Hue. I also was at the Perfume and in the valleys and mountains with 5th Marines. People would never believe the feats performed by those birds as most would argue they were outside the envelope. I couldnt begin to tell the fun those jockeys had.....Daring Young Men in their flying machines!

But you were there!
Rick Rae 1
An amazing bit of flying....


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