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New York's LaGuardia Airport Flooded (PHOTOS)

Sorry if this is a repeat story. For those of you not from the NYC area, things are a little crazy around here currently. Very sad to see so much damage to LGA!!! ( More...

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Pete Schecter 5
i knew sea planes were makin a comeback!
s2v8377 3
The airlines did a very good job of getting their fleets out of JFK and LGA thank goodness!!! American repositioned all of their 777, 767, and 757 (not sure on 737 or MD80's)

Delta got their entire wide-body fleet out with the exception of one B767-432ER Tail N844MH Ship 1820. This aircraft weathered the storm, and was one of the first Delta flights out once JFK reopened.

On another note things are very bad in the NYC metro area currently. Many people lost their homes including several of the communities around Kennedy Airport. People are have no electricity, little food, no next to no gas, and a damaged transportation system.

Dude, you've been hanging around with Al Roker too much...
sparkie624 3
By the looks of it, GSE is going to be busy for a while.
Joseph Howes 2
they were right to move the planes from LGA. what idiot would leave multi-million dollar jets in the wrath of a flood. now i dont live in the states but from the pictures ive seen it was awful.Earlier today it was anounnced that some airports are being opened up again after the flood water was removed and very limited amount of flights are running to supply relief to those affected and to get tourists out of the areas
Dee Lowry 2
So...after all of that is said...let's have a marathon while the people in "Staten Island" are pulling dead people out of the debris! Are you kidding me? Sea Planes, pressure thing that ever happened to LGA? What's wrong with you people???
btweston 3
They cancelled the marathon yesterday. You are not only an asshole, but an uninformed asshole.
You know LGA is not on Staten Island?
Mark Lansdell 0
The world doesn't stop for a rain and wind storm, no matter how many died or are dieing. There is another 2/3 of this country that are fighting other battles and don't forget there is still an election on Tuesday. We do what we can for the unfortunate folks, and keep them in mind and prayer while we do what we can with what we have. There is little doubt that we have to change this government on Tuesday. Government is being evidenced as part of the problem of getting gasoline and food to needed areas and the mayor first insisting on the marathon then reluctantly canceling or postponing it is an indicator of that. That Obama would have to order barriers (red tape) out of the way is yet another indication that government regulation is hindering not saving us. Mayor (Nanny) Bloomberg evennturned away the National Guard the governor wanted to send
HBFlyer 1
This is a website for aviation.Take your politihate somewhere else.
Mark Lansdell 1
Don't see any hate. If you look I was responding to another comment. You just disagree with me and don't like reading what I write. That's Ok. Don't read it.
Cakittel 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

New York's LaGuardia Airport Flooded (Picture)

New Yorkers and residents along the Eastern Seaboard are just beginning to emerge today from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy - millions remain without power, thousands of flights have been cancelled and transportation throughout the region has been severely disrupted.
blake1023 1
And to think some people thought it would be better to keep the airplanes in LGA, so didnt have to cancel so many flights... right.
Mark Lansdell 1
Yea. Those are the folks who have never seen a airplane flying at it's tie downs.
Mardi Noetling 1
beware of this site. It brings porn pop-ups. I just had to run a security scan.
jose colaco 1
I see NO problems with this site. In any event, I have blocked pop ups.
Navy65 1
I have parked many times at Gate 34. Looks like it's cleaner today than I ever recall
Mark Lansdell 1
Finally LGA got a goo pressure washing. It gives new meaning top Flushing Bay.
Mark Lansdell 1
I saw a picture of the Jersey Shore yesterday . The picture was of the Mantaloking Bridge at the intersection of rt 35 where it runs the length of the barrier island. It appears there is a new inlet South of Brielle and North of Barnagat light. It will save the trip through the canal. What a mess
jose colaco 1
I believe it makes infinite sense to move these mobile things on roller skates out of harms way. As far as I know, all airlines in the hurricane corridor routinely do that.

I thought I'd ask a question: IF an airfield is prone to flooding as a result of storm surges, is there any merit to building protective barriers around at least 3/4 of it?

Same for subway stations.

BTW: many developing countries have cleaner and more presentable airports than LG
Mark Lansdell 5
They are no doubt newer as well.

BTW: I heard a report today of people defalcating in the hallways of their apartment buildings in NYC. That reflects an attitude. Why would you think those same people would even redecorate and airport. The NYC mayor thinks it's more important to hold the New York Marathon than to locate the lost and feed the hungry on Staten Island. It's more important that you don't get a soda bigger than 16 oz than get gasoline for your generator. It's more important that you have a union card to work than it is to get power back up with qualified linemen from out of state.

Forgetaboutit !It's good enough. Attitude needs adjusting.
Jose Lauzardo 2
Attitudes and priorities."Both,need adjusting!!!Starting with the Mayor himself!!!
OhanaUnited 1
Which gate do you want to dock your boat?
They probably should make LGA the new cargo and cruise ship dock. Luckily for me, my current job as opposed to my previous job is easy in and easier out of LGA. Backtaxi down the runway and cleared for takeoff ahead of the 35 airplane line. The joy of "Lifeguard..."
El Kabong 1
probably the best thing to have happened to that airport in awhile. =P
Pileits 1
LGA needed a good bath! One of the most unclean airports I flew out of over the years.
JFK reopened Wednesday ... Any floats manufactured for Jetliners ? Maybe after this one, NYC will relocate KLGA
dg1941 0
How sad it is to see this devastation, I have really never seen anything so bad.
tim mitchell 2
Remember Katrina?
dg1941 2
But they had some sort of preparation. Also remember that that area of the country typically gets hurricanes. New York hasn't quite had one this bad.
Tom Rodeheaver 3
Since the '30's.
tim mitchell 2
true....I saw a pic on the news that showed the water all the way up to gate c34 at KLGA
Mark Lansdell 0
@ Joseph Howes:

I monitor both local traffic and GC at BWI, just South of Baltimore. I listened to both as pilots moved iron out of BWI to safer havens,only hours before the North winds freshened. to a gale. You wouldn't know it from BWI's METAR reporting but 3 miles away I had a constant breeze of 35 -45kts gusting to 70 while 6-8" of rain blew sideways for hour on hour. It all hit here before Nwe Jersey and New York City but only because we were South of landfall and it was 100 miles off shore with another 60 miles or so of continental plane for the wind to cross. I'm guessing that the same scenario played out at DCA, PHL, EWR, TEB, and points north and West. Leaving your assets worth millions behind when they are mobile would be foolhardy. Leaving them in a tin shed so the wind can collapse it all in a pile wouldn't speak well for the planners either. You don't have top move them far just out of harms way.


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