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Atlas Air Cancels Three 747-8Fs On Performance Concerns

Atlas Air Holdings, the second largest customer for the 747-8F, abandoned three of the jumbo freighters it has on order, reducing its overall order from 12 to nine aircraft. The move, driven by schedule and performance issues on the early aircraft, advances the cargo carrier's fourth through sixth 747-8Fs built to deliveries later this year. ( More...

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Chip Hermes 0
Bad week for Boeing! First Cargolux and now this.
anthony mchale 0
Bad week geez these guys are how late on the 787? What is going on with one of the few remaining manufacturing giants of this country?
Charles Jui 0
What is wrong?

McDonnel Douglas management
Marcus Pradel 0
EASA will rubberstamp and aprove anything Airbus submits, because those very governments need the revenue/loan paybacks..

Boeing has to actually certify their airplanes, but they don't fall apart as often.

now, with that much of a competitive challenge, try to be fair to a 3% fuel consumption estimate.
Charles Jui 0
To be fair there have been many more Boeing 737-800 accidents than A320 over the last few years
Mark Duell 0
Boeing wrote their own fuel estimates, not Airbus. Much of the miss is attributable to the GEnx 2B, the airframe itself is only 2.5-3t overweight.
Troy Raiteri 0
Another one!.....Bad week for Boeing for sure!
Gene spanos 0
Ok by us - 6,000 families caught in the OMP sign off of 9/05.
ken hamilton 0
Marcu Pradel, you are in left field with your comments. The Airbus line has a tremendous product with superior reliability. Think how old the 747 is, and they keep peddling it with new power, longer fuselage etc. Nothing wrong with the ship, just that they are asking for todays $$ for yesterdays product. The new Gen power is being asked to push a ship that is 40 years old.
linbb 0
Think back how things were when they were ordered, now they have a way out of too many orders by doing this. If it were today they were stepping up to buy them say they were sitting ready to buy. How many would they take preformance issues or not?? Bet they would buy less now too. Airbus is a good airplane, so is the Boeing but to say that one is old tech and the other is new isnt really true as an airframe is an airframe the way one builds it depends more on the comapny. Composits are not a totaly proven over the long term on large aircraft to the point other metals are at this point in my view.
kenish 0
Composites have a long track record in military and in space. The commercial aviation industry had to wait for enough experience to be built up- not only in design but also inspection, maintenance, repair, etc. The same cycle happened with aluminum, monocoque structures, jet engines, etc. etc. And yes, sometimes things went very wrong (DHC Comet), but a zero-risk / long experience philosophy would mean steel tube and fabric, piston-powered airliners.
Ricky Scott 0
Mr Hamilton
How is it Yesterdays product. Its like comparing a 1960s corvette with a 2000s.

I may look like a 747 but it is far from the same.
mark tufts 0
what will be next for boeing cancelation of the next generation 737 9r cutbacks on the dreamliners?????
Ron Louis 0
That's the risk you take if you are not pragmatic enough. It happened to Airbus in the 80's, promising unattainable fuelfigures for the convertible A-310-200. We ended up receiving montly compensation based on production hours for years .
It's a very, very bad week for Boeing, now the question is "why to take that strictly decision"?, like the article say it's by the performance, but I think we have to know more about it, some serious response from Boeing?
WOW, Mr hamilton I am shocked by the ignorance of your statement. How can the 747-8 be considered "yesterdays product"? It IS the most advanced airplane in the world. In fact it is Even more advanced than the 787 or the A380. How can you say the 747-8 is the same as the -400, or early classics -100 or-200. It's like comparing a Lambourghini Countach to a Aventador. The 747 is a superb airplane, these current issues will be worked out, and things will get back to smooth flight. The same type of engine issues occurred with several other aircraft , from all manufacturers including Airbus for certain.
kenish 0
Including the original 747-100 which had problems with "ovalizing" of the P&W JT-9 engines....sorted out after the initial months of teething pains.
Scott Campbell 0
The 787 is in service.
Scott Campbell 0
This is all contractual BS, they've figured out they cant afford them and without the performance issue their in a binding contract. And, or again trying to negotiate price reductions.


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