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Shutdown of FAA possible in House, Senate clash

WASHINGTON -- A quarrel between the House and Senate over union organizing is threatening to prevent congressional action necessary to keep the Federal Aviation Administration operating, raising the possibility of a shutdown of the agency later this week. The FAA's operating authority expires on Friday. The agency has operated under a series of 20 short-term extensions since Sept. 30, 2007 because lawmakers have been unable to agree on a long-term funding bill. ( More...

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preacher1 0
That's what's wrong with the whole bunch up there; can't agree on anything, and don't do anything but quibble like a bunch of kids, have to do a band aid to keep things going and nothing long term or meaningful accomplished
I think it time for the constitution to be amended to bring Congress in line with that of Nebraska, which has a unicameral and non-partisan legislature.
preacher1 0
Very much needed as well as like a big part of the states, balance the budget. House is headed that way but it's DOA in the Senate
You can't just cut and balance the budget, and still give tax breaks! There will be a need to increase revenues.
haroldrutila 0
If taxes are increased, aviation is going to take a huge hit; there are no questions about it. The government really needs to cut back spending until we get the 47% of Americans who don't pay taxes BACK on the payroll. The Keynesian model of economics does not work if there is a deficit like we have now. The Senate has been budgetless for 2.5 years and has passed massive spending bills, as has the House. Both parties have been financially irresponsible, and the country is sufferring because of it. We need to vote these guys out of office in 2012; there's no excuse as to why they should stay.
preacher1 0
Sad part is, not only Aviation but everything that draws from the public till in any manner is probably going to be affected. The electorate, in 2012, needs to finish the job that they started in the mid term's. Folks are talking about bickering, and there is, but the Republicans are just showing what needs to be done but are still outnumbered in the Senate and by the current occupant of the White House as far as tryig to pass anything. I got to agree with Harold, the Keynesian economic policy has been a disaster and needs changing NOW.
Gene Nowak 0
Preacher 1, you had a Republican controlled Congress and President from 2000 to 2008. They were handed a balanced budget and surplus from the Clinton administration. What did they do with it? Got the debt going by deregulation and tax breaks, plus creating two unpopular wars based on lies and deceit. Do we really want to go down that path again?
kldfligtrrt 0
in stead they are funding a pork project to compare the size of gay mens private parts....Washington really needs to get there head on streight... I am serious about this study its real
Jim Buist 0
Gene, the Republicans did NOT control congress from 2000 to 2008 (which I believe you really meant to be 2001 to 2009, since you reference the Bush presidency). The Dems had the majority in the Senate from 2001 to 2003 and again from 2007 to 2009. The Dems also had the majority in the House from 2007 to 2009, putting congress in full control of the Dems for Bush's last two years. The only time the Republicans had both the House, Senate, and White House was from 2003 to 2007, during which the Dems never had less than 40 votes in the Senate allowing them to block or force issues/legislation. Additionally, the last I remember, terrorists started the wars with us 30 some years ago and it was only under President Bush that we finally started to retaliate. So, get your facts straight before you ask if we should "go down that path again".
preacher1 0
Well, who had control of what and who did what to who can be argued til hell freezes over, although in general, I agree with Jim Buist. Regarding the wars, I personally think that in the 1st Gulf War that Bush1 stopped too quick. He may have ticked some Allies off but I think they should have went on to Bagdhad then. I think the 2nd mistake was made by Bush 2, by putting Afghanistan on hold and then going back into Iraq,AND to go along with that, letting General Tommy Franks retire. He was kicking butt in Afganistan and could have finished the job had the Iran concentration not started. I think he really retired out of frustration rather than time.
William Cox 0
Dare I even suggest that the Government should continue to fund the important stuff; you know like the Military, the FAA,etc, and hold off funding stuff like art, or protecting endangered snails and snakes, oh yeah and Senate & House paychecks until they can get something done. Yeah I know this won't happen, but I feel better suggesting it.
Jim Buist 0
Right on, William!
Gene spanos 0
Wow.....and Delta is shutting down service to 24 regional AP cities too ?
larry clement 0
Only the Federal Gov't could do 20 extensions because they can't agree. Obama would love to help the unions, since they helped elect him. There is a reason why 6% of private workers are union while 40+% of gov't workers are-The Gov't has no competition, so doesn't have to be efficient.One of the silver linings in the great recession is that the Federal, State, and Local govt's have finally learned that there is not an endless pot of money, and that tax-payers have finally been heard.
Ev Butler 0
Check Mr. Obama's voting record during the period of time he was in the Senate. That should have been a warning to us all. His speaking skills have been his only asset. He can wet on your leg and convince you that it is raining. I say, send them all home, everyone of them, D & Rs. There has to be a better way of running the government.

My home operates on a balanced budget with a little bit of money left over. I don't claim to be as smart as the crowd in DC but I can pay my bills and put some away for a rainy day. Why not the highly paid economist and members of Congress. Did I say "Leadership"? I should have.
Toby Sharp 0
William Cox for president
canuck44 0
If the FAA is shut down this will be a purely political move and should generate calls for impeachment of Obama as this will be directly in his lap. The Administration has discretion as to which services to curtail and which to continue. There is plenty of cash flow to pay the debt service (no default), Social Security, the military and Medicare along with the FAA, FBI, Coast Guard etc.
If the FAA is shut down it will only be because the current administration is deliberately attempting to inconvenience as many Americans as possible.
andy streit 0
I highly doubt ATC, TSA, and other important government agencies will shut down if a deal isn't done. And no, your Social Security checks wont bounce and you will still have Medicaid. All this mumbo jumbo talk is political rhederic that is trying to get people pissed at either Democrats or Republicans so the other side can have your vote for 2012 election. Don't listen to any of this BS ANY government official/President says. Its all scare tactics.
Cal Keegan 0
The Democrats and the MSM are playing it like this has never happened before but it has. I read about it happening in the early 80s. The world did not end. Instead the government, spitefully, as you would expect, shut down a few token things to put the maximum hurt on the people... the national parks, the national monuments, etc. Ruined a bunch of peoples' vacations. They did a deal a few days later. Believe me, they'll find the money to keep paying the interest on the debt, keep the air traffic controllers working, etc.
Fleagle 0
Dems *and* Repub's ?...
Two Hoe's working different sides of the Street and sucking away what's in the 'deep pockets' and 'not so deep pockets' of the American "John". Meantime, they're adept at the same game of bilking the Public and pretending to 'be' something they're not. AND WE ENABLE THEM, to continue.
They 'represent'only those Favorites, or some common, humble people momentarily through the Media that will further their own agenda.
Empty threats and theatrical posturing.
The POWER is/are Those who 'RUN'them.
And YOU `n ME are never going to know Who, OR "What" They are.
Republicans and Democrats.What a fraud.A joke.
On us. (With ardent hope and fervor.)


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