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U.S. Air Marshals will be Aboard Cuba Flights

US air marshals will be deployed on some flights between the US and Cuba when commercial air service between the two countries launches on Aug. 31. "In the spirit of enhancing the security of international civil aviation, the United States and The Republic of Cuba entered into an aviation security agreement that sets forth the legal framework for the deployment of US in-flight security officers — more commonly known as federal air marshals — on board certain flights to and from Cuba,"… ( More...

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hjet 3
I just reposted the article Josh. I thought it was interesting.
Cade foster -5
Cuba may empty their prisons of violent criminals and give them one way tickets, to America like Mexico is doing on our borders with no concern of out leader.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Kind of like the Mariel Boatlift in the 1980s? Just one pesky little problem, they will need visas to enter the US at the port of entry.
Ric Wernicke -3
I wish the air marshals were doing something else. What ever happened to the concept that one did not set out to harm others because they do not share the beliefs of your tribe? What breaks down the barrier to killing innocent people? Is it globalism that would allow anyone to move about the planet at will? Is it liberalism that teaches there are no real consequences for recalcitrant behavior?

I hate to say it, but a vote for Mrs. Clinton will bring more of the same inept government we suffer now, however, a vote for Mr. Trump might not bring sweetness and nice, but he will control the border, and get rid of some of the stupid restraints on aviation that are nothing more than money grabs by liberals.

As for Cuba, I have gone there from another country. As the wheels touched the runway the Captain announced "Welcome to Cuba. Please set your watch back fifty years."

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ToddBaldwin3 7
I think you're over reacting just a bit. This is like saying pax will be screened by TSA before boarding the aircraft. We all know it's going to happen, so it's not really revealing anything. If you'll note in the article, they did not say which specific flights would have Air Marshalls on board. Another thing to consider is that a deterrent does not work if no one knows about it.
Shot as in killed? Are you serious?
30west 2
No, I think it was rhetoric, not actually wanting him shot. Maybe we all are a bit too sensitive to any reference that includes firearms. PC, perhaps.
In that case I'm glad to be too sensitive about casually suggesting to take a human life.
David Barnes 1
I have to agree with Wolfgang and Todd. This is not hjet's "fault". The presence of FAMs was already public information, as it was published in a major US newspaper. Furthermore, it was information released to the public by the TSA. Any information so release by a government agency is, therefore, public, and not security sensitive information.

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I can't tell, are you being serious or sarcastic?


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