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British Airways jet that caught fire before takeoff at McCarran to fly again

The British Airways Boeing 777 that aborted a takeoff at McCarran International Airport with 157 passengers and 13 crew members aboard in September will fly again. A representative of the London-based airline said Wednesday that crews would be dispatched to McCarran and that work would begin "shortly" to repair the aircraft's hull to make it airworthy. Noting that "safety is always British Airways' top priority," a company spokeswoman said in an email, "The… ( More...

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ADXbear 4
I live here, seen it several times and surprised to hear they plan to return to service...I suspect it's going to be ferry flight a short distance to Victorville for further review. I'm surprised.
joel wiley 1
I think you may have something there. If the wing is structurally sound, if scrapping is the ultimate decision they can still recycle the 'new' engine.
That would make a good reality show - just like those home rehab shows and the contractor comes in and tells the owner "ahh... you are not going to like what I found..." Week after week after week !
If Boeing and BA clear it to fly, I'd fly on it, but would also expect, at some point it would also be re-registered with a new ID to ease those who were on it.
Why? ACA143 wasn't re-registered when it glided down to Gimli. In fact, it had the same registration throughout its lifesycle in ACA's fleet, all the way up to the ferry flight to Victorville.
joel wiley 2
Somebody thought it penciled out. Would be interesting to see the cost/benefit analysis.
John Berry 2
I suspect that once they start pulling it apart they'll find some of that infamous "hidden damage". I wouldn't fly on that aircraft.
Jim Sinsky 1
I trust the mechanics enough that I would be willing to and want to ride the ferrying flight to the maintenance base.


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