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Ultra long range Airbus A350-900LR to do 19 hour flights

An ultra-long range version of the Airbus A350-900 could fly for up to 19 hours, says Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier. ( More...

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Loral Thomas 2
Who in their right mind would WANT to be in that aluminum tube for 19 hrs in the first place? No thanks. I'll take 2 flights with a nice overnight layover and a good steak dinner.
Torsten Hoff 0
One is going to be cheaper and take half the time.

When you are talking about two flights of such a long distance, it will inevitably be an international stopover, so you have to go through customs two extra times, along with deboarding/boarding and dealing with your luggage (even if it is a carryon bag for an overnight stay).

I'd rather spend the better part of one day on a plane and try to sleep, than pay more, spend even longer in a tube, and deal with the inconveniences that go along with two flights.
Loral Thomas 2
I'll take the layover, comfy bed, and a little time to shop. Customs and long TSA lines don't bother me -- I'm retired!

But I know what you're saying. All depends on the flight, reason for taking the flight, and inability to keep oneself occupied for 19 hrs straight.
Torsten Hoff 2
If you're traveling for leisure then yes, I would take the layover, but probably not just a one-day one, I would want to see a bit of the place. If you are traveling on business, time is money, and that is what the A350-900LR is undoubtedly aimed at.
Gael Arnold 1
...and I would suggest it would fly with a majority of empty seats
abutterw5 0
"We are studying it, we are not developing it" Brégier qualified,,,, Which means they are not building it, just adding "Sales Talk" to spook Boeing into knee jerking. Its called competition !!
Well lets hope they Airbus jets don't go deep sea diving AF love doing that


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