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British Airways to Launch First Nonstop Transatlantic Service from San José, California to London, England

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--British Airways today has announced that it will begin service between Mineta San José International Airport and London Heathrow from May 4, 2016. This marks the first regularly scheduled nonstop service to the UK for the city of San José. British Airways will operate the newest aircraft in its fleet, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, featuring the airline’s newly designed First cabin. ( More...

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canuck44 1
This is the type of flight that will empty seats on the A380 service stretching the economic rationale of that aircraft.
Too bad they don't have Concorde anymore. That would provide fast service to the U.K.
Dave Boido 1
1. Wouldn't fit into SJC (needed 10,000' runways)
2. Too loud, it would never be approved at SJC.
3. Too much of this route would be over the continental US, civil supersonic flight was never allowed over US land.
4. I doubt it would be economically viable in today's market
Dave Boido 1
Oops, my bad - both runways at SJC are 11,000' but arrival and departure in either direction would be over heavily congested residential areas. Did you ever get to hear Concorde fly? I have, and takeoff OR landing it was the loudest airliner EVER.
Well, of course it's not a viable aircraft to fly! I just think it's too bad they aren't flying anymore.
corvettejhm 1
Concorde would never make the distance without a fuel stop. It Just made it across the Atlantic with little reserves.
patrick baker 1
let me the first commentor on this good news for san jose, to further point out that Kansas city is an equally good candidate for 787 service to London. I have read that 300 + passengers from Kansas city area use east coast gateways to fly to Europe and beyond daily.


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