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Asiana to Remove First-Class Cabins from Most Planes

Asiana Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will eliminate virtually all of its first-class seats on aircraft that fly international routes. The Korean airline’s CEO, Kim Soo-cheon, made the announcement in a video broadcast to all employees.... ( More...

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preacher1 5
They blame that middle East respiratory thing as a big part of their loss. I guess 214 is behind tem and forgot about.
sparkie624 5
first sign of an airline getting ready for Bankruptcy.
Ric Wernicke 4
They do not reveal the real reason they are dumping first class. They cannot compete with other premium carriers for service onboard and at the airport for first class passengers.

The other truth in the industry that no one wants to talk about is that there are few if any paid first class passengers on any flight.

There are plenty of cheeks in the seats because many passengers buy a business class ticket and upgrade with miles. Of the four flights I took last week all were full in first. Almost all were gate upgrades. Other first class seats are filled with executives of firms with large travel budgets. They have deals that allow named execs to fly first with any ticket.

If the airline cannot make a profit with first, they are not meeting expectations of the market. People will pay for service, but it must be delivered.
Pileits 3
First class just is NOT worth the price airlines try and get away with charging. If their price is going to be triple the cost of business First class ought to offer 3 times better service, space and food which they don't.
WtfWtf 1
Not disagreeing with you, but a CEO can make 1000 times more than me (and many do), but does that mean they work 1000 times the hours or 1000 times harder than me?
joel wiley 2
Macadamias will henceforth be served in a bag.
Derek Thomas 2
For $5
preacher1 2
Well, in defense of the Airline, only 20 of 74 planes still have it, according to the story. That said, the aftermath of flight 214 from a couple of years ago has not helped their bottom line, I don't imagine.


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