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‘Please be nice’: aviation authority issues plea for US travelers over Thanksgiving

The newly confirmed Federal Aviation Administration administrator, Mike Whitaker, has asked the US public to be on its best behavior ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush on Wednesday, when planning and execution are likely to be frustrated by bad weather. “If you’re flying, please be nice to your flight crew,” Whitaker said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. “They are there for your safety. The FAA has zero tolerance for unruly behavior.” ( More...

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sparkie624 9
Interesting article.... But knowing people... LOL, that will never happen.. Always some horses caboose, especially during the Holidays!
Tyler Ballance 7
My first flight was on Eastern Airlines on my way to flight school in Pensacola. I wore a coat and tie, as did most of the men who flew that day. Nobody brought their comfort animal, chickens or their therapy alligator.

I wish that some of the airlines would take a cue from the upscale clubs and designate certain flights as club flights where passenger were required to, dress to impress for the flight. No children or babies and no animals of any kind. I would pay extra to have that sort of flying experience again.

Related to this issue is that Congress needs to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act so that only Seeing-eye dogs are allowed in the passenger cabin. Another flaw in the ADA that still has not been fixed is to require service animals to carry an identifiable tag that confirms that the animal is a trained assistance animal and not just a comfort pet. If I want to park in a handicapped parking spot, I have to display a handicapped tag on my vehicle, so service animals should also be required to have an identifiable tag that certifies that the animal has been trained and certified as a service animal.
Tim Dyck 4
Children, including babies, I can tolerate. But pets other than trained and registered service dogs do not belong in passenger spaces.
you would think such simple advice as "please be nice" would be a "no brainer"..however..people are people and there are always persons in every situation,whether its waiting in line at the airport,drivng on the freeway,or any place where ther are lots of other folks,who will have no patience with others,no regard for what is happening,and just plain no courtesy, with a me first attitude..
Tim Dyck 2
This shouldn’t even have to be asked. We need to get back to a society were basic manner are practiced all the time.
John Brooks 2
He can say what he wishes, but that is not going to make people act any better. There are always going to be jerks that want to make trouble for flight crews.
Greg Mills 2
US Travellers: “Nah”.
DaveRK 2
While I whole heartily agree with the premise, I also feel that there are times where the TSA and flight crews are the cause of some of the not so nice type problems.
2 weeks ago,I informed TSA #1 "Due to a medical device,I can not go through the full body millimeter wave scanner. I can use the metal detector or will accept a body pat down".
He commented "Your TSA PreChek, can you go thru the metal detector"? Yes. "Let the next agent know".
TSA @2 informed me I was required to go through the full body scanner, I tried explaining the issue, he wasn't interested in hearing it. Now, we're holding up the line, so TSA #1 came over and sent #2 to the beginning of the checkpoint.
#1 Prechek should indicate you're OK and at least allow the passenger to speak.
#2 If I wasn't a frequent flyer that understand the rules & routines and (unfortunately) how poorly some agents carryout their duties, that scene could be cause for "not so nice".
Brian Freeman 4
Utterly amazing that we need the government to take over yet another parenting responsibility.
Dana Flaherty 1
But the FAA is talking to the “ parents “ !!
sparkie624 4
The FAA Would not have to talk to the Parents if the Parents had enough brains to talk to there Children the same way!
Dana Flaherty 1
Ya, but the parents are the offenders, yes, not the kids ….


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