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Gulfstream Flies A G600 Across The Atlantic On 100% SAF Using Pratt & Whitney Engines

Pratt & Whitney Canada and Gulfstream Aerospace have completed the first 100% biofuel-powered transatlantic crossing between Savannah and Farnborough. The biofuel used in the flight has up to 70% lower carbon emissions than conventional jet fuel and was provided by World Fuel Servies. Pratt & Whitney Canada's engines have already been approved for operation with up to 50% SAF blended fuel, and this successful test flight opens up the possibility for the approval of higher SAF usage.… ( More...

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Noun: bio-fuel
A fuel derived directly from living matter.

Sounds like the premise for a good Steven King novel.
Glen Horton 4
Looks like the troll has hit every squawk from this email. Please, people try to keep the comments related to avaition or the article. Politics, religion and dumb-assery don't have a place here.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tim Dyck 1
You’ve been here a year and you think long term members shouldn’t be here? This site is for anyone interested in the aviation industry and in the years I have been here your the first to complain about it. Maybe this isn’t the right site for you.
Fred Hogaboom 1
Checked the price of printer ink or a bottle of water! Consumers will pay with no thought to the costs. Organic foods, bottles water, makes no difference, consumers will pay!!!
Kirk Tuttle 1
Could be, but it would sure be interesting to see some transparency in this. When it comes to air travel many consumers are very price savvy. Time will tell.
Kirk Tuttle 1
Is anyone ever going to address the costs associated with utilizing SAF? Do these promoters really believe that the increased costs associated with using this fuel are going to be absorbed by the traveling public and operators of aircraft? I don't think the consumers are willing to pay the higher prices.

It kind of reminds me of the problems associated with utilizing "Wide-cut" fuel at times from military and foreign airports. Are there any issues associated with mixing JetA with SAF? Again, silence. Can the fuels be stored in the same facilities, or do we have to have exclusive equipment to process the fuel from storage into the aircraft? Again, silence.

It appears that the promoters of SAF want to eliminate the availability of Aviation Jet Fuel, forcing operators to have to switch to SAF and the increased costs. Same process as the EV promoters are trying to do. Similar situation as they (the promoters) want to force the market to change.

Peter Fuller 4
“Are there any issues associated with mixing JetA with SAF?”
I read somewhere that JetA contains a particular carbon compound that isn’t in SAF. This compound apparently soaks into seals in the fuel system and pumps, making them seal better. That’s why you see certifications limiting SAF to maximum 50% of a JetA/SAF blend. Apparently researchers are working on figuring out how to make SAF with this compound, while others work on modified fuel systems and seals that won’t need this compound.

(Wish I could remember where I read this so I could post a link.)

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tim Dyck 2
And the passengers on the Hindenburg were impressed with the safety of storing hydrogen in aircraft.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tim Dyck 2
First I am not an American so maybe quit with the blind accusations.
Second I have been a supporter of Hydrogen Fuel Cellssince the 70’s and was one of the first shareholders of Ballard Power Systems stocks in 1993. I have visited the plant on several occasions and could write a book on what you don’t know about hydrogen fuel cells.
Third your attitude towards others disgusts me, take your insults and go to Facebook or Twitter where people act like children in a school yard. This site is for adults.
Brian De Jong 4
Imagine telling someone “your stupid” instead of you’re stupid. All you can do is shake your head and laugh. Red, you exposed yourself.
yes the ideological mob continues to push their money making agenda.
Right you are, sir.
Don Whyte 0
Look who knows so much. Changes are coming and they are necessary, despite teething problems and increased costs until the industry gets costs down. Same deal with electric vehicles.
Kirk Tuttle 3
Ok. Changes are coming. Why not be transparent regarding cost? The data I’m sure is known; it’s just not being shared.
John Yarno 1
Oh really? Is it really necessary to spend more money to feel good? I think not.
inoc 0
For EV vehicles, someone needs to calculate (from accurate data and estimates) the TOTAL amount of CO2 produced and $ cost per 100 miles for various EV vehicle efficiencies and various sources (coal, natural gas, etc.) of electricity production. That would be a 2 column (CO2 produced & $ cost) Vs 2 row matrix (source of electricity & EV efficiency (mi/KWh) - probably why no one has produced same.


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