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Electric air taxis could fly from Houston destinations to airports one day, for about the cost of an Uber

Instead of sitting in Houston traffic, why not fly over it in an electric air taxi? That was the rationale behind creating Archer Aviation's electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, or eVTOLs. Archer Aviation's Chief Commercial Officer Nikhil Goel said the company hopes to be able to bring eVTOLs to the Houston area, although there is no timetable for when that may happen. The company already partnered with United Airlines to bring electric air taxies to Chicago and New York by… ( More...

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patrick baker 5
this service is expected to be offered in 4 passenger autonomous mode eventually. Such a flight mode-no pilot- does not appeal to me at all. Safety demands a human in the aircraft working the controls and commo, not a robotic cost-saving device. I would fly in this only with a pilot present, which will slow down the process to pay off the costs and slow down paybacks. Greed is showing its face here with pilotless passenger flights.
Greg S 1
Someday, maybe. But fully autonomous? Not in this decade.
interesting idea,but i do prefer having a pilot!years ago PAN AM had a helicopter pad on the top of their builidng and would fly people (paid for of course) from the airports to that locale to be in downtown new didnt last long..houston had plasns that never came to fruition for a rail of sorts,to go just between hou and iah..that never happened either..bus service is limited,so its rent a car,have someone to drive you around or use the uber..
bbabis 1
Yes, someday this will happen, but unless the price of Ubers increases dramatically during that time, the cost estimates are pie in the sky.
sparkie624 1
"One Day"... LOL... I hope it is only for One DAY :) LOL... Seriously... This is going to be a big problem for Air Traffic.
linbb 1
And how well with this work out Mr Jetson man? Autonomies ground taxies dont even work often enough that they are getting banned from the roadways. Oh I can just see hords of thes air taxies flying around into things getting lost and many other problems.


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