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Aeroflot Deactivates Brakes on Nine Aircraft, Relies Solely on Reverse Thrust

Russian flag carrier Aeroflot is beginning to fly some of its Western-made aircraft without properly maintained brakes due to a lack of parts as a result of sanctions. ( More...

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jaymeinen 6
I’ll bet they actually turned off the AUTOBRAKE SYSTEM, not the brakes themselves. How would the affected aircraft maneuver the aircraft, much less park at a gate without brakes?
sparkie624 1
They are Russians.. LOL.. you are probably correct... Who ever said the Media does good reporting on aviation just does not know too much about aviation themselves.
Peter Fuller 5
No source cited in the article, and I doubt aeroxplorer has a reporter on the ground in Russia, so taking this with many grains of salt.

Plus, from the article: “…during landing most of the work of stopping a commercial aircraft is done through the use of thrust reversers.” How that jibes with testing and certification of required landing distances, which assume reversers aren’t used, is beyond me.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Aeroxplorer has no reporters in the field. They simply rewrite stories from other sources. All they are after are the clicks and the ad revenue.
godutch 1
Don't think that is correct. Thrust reversers are good for long runways, but brakes are NEEDED & USED on short runways!
Colin Seftel 2
The truth seems to be that some brakes on multi-wheel trucks have been de-activated. That’s not the same as having no brakes. See:
JW Wilson 2
Like Jimmy says, (Jimmy's World), "What could Possibley go wrong???"
sparkie624 1
Jimmy puts on a good show... But I know someone who bought one of his planes and another buddy who is retired FAA, has his IA... Jimmy's Video is just for show... He does much better work than is reflected in the Videos that are for Entertainment only... Hollywood does the same thing but is far worse than Jimmy!
patrick baker 3
the russian aviation industry is fully able to duplicate all brake parts , so this article is suspect.
linbb -3
Exactly what I already said.
Greg S 2
Sounds like clickbait bullshit. Every part of a modern jetliner is highly engineered, but the brakes are hardly the most sophisticated component. Using reverse thrust everywhere instead of brakes, assuming it's even possible, just trades wear on the brakes for wear on the engines, and the engines are much more difficult to maintain and get/fabricate parts for. Add in the extra FOD risk and ... it's just not believable.
ToddBaldwin3 5
I had this brief mental image of them taxiing to the gate, popping the reversers and blowing everything at the gate into the terminal.
bentwing60 2
I guess it's true, economics prevails, and on the plus side they won't have to worry about those pesky Anti-Skid fail lights anymore.

P.S. pure sarc., I don't believe a word of this 'tale'. 5 eyes BS. What do they do at the gate?
linbb 1
One item that is strange to say the least is, they manufacture parts for there own brand of AC so what would be the big dieal doing it for other brands? Something stinks here for sure even a third world country could do a simple task like that wow.
bentwing60 2
After all, folks, they did this, 847 of them.
sparkie624 1
Now that is a great idea... I can just see it now... Deploy both reversers, and one does not deploy! cart Wheel to the Terminal... Of no brakes... Straight off the Runway... I hope someone has a camera and shares it when it happens.
srobak 1
Years ago I saw one of their pilots deploy the reversers on a TU-134 before it even hit the ground - so nothing really surprises me from those whackadoos.
sparkie624 1
LOL.. I have seen Mesa Airlines do it on a CRJ900 here in the US!
srobak 1

I would expect a 900 to have a safety against that.
jmilleratp 1
How very Russian of them.


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