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Aerosucre 737 clips trees on take off (Video)

On February 3, 2022, an Aerosucre Boeing 737-200 with a crew of five took off from Puerto Carreno Airport in Colombia at a dangerously low altitude and, as it became airborne and the landing gear retracted, clipped the top of a 46ft- (14m) high tree located 295m (967ft) past the end of the runway. Startling video footage from a doorbell camera installed at a house beyond the runway shows the aircraft passing low overhead, missing electrical wires by mere feet and causing significant movement in… ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 15
Scary how often Aerosucre aircraft appear in these near-disaster videos. I'm surprised their operating permits haven't been pulled yet.
djames225 7
I'm surprised they weren't pulled after the 2016 Bogota disaster...and it was no near-disaster.
James Simms 8
Guessing they’re running drugs for the authorities, maybe that’s why…
James Simms 13
Least they’ll be on ‘Three minutes of Aviation’ on YT once again. They’ve developed a cult following there, was posting ‘Sadly, No Aerosucrae….’
Greg S 11
Glad to see Aerosucker is one company proud of its traditions and willing to stand by them through changing times.
ken young 8
Astonishing how in some countries when it comes to aviation safety, the authorities JDGAF
Silent Bob 5
It certainly does sucre.
Leander Williams 3
I wonder what the name of the airline means. If you ask me if stands for Aerosuckers.
Faisal Guerra 3
Sucre is a region in Colombia; not sugar. That would be Azucar, fyi.
Suze BLAKE 1
Christoph Gilgen 1
Sucre is also the Money/Currency of Ecuador....
Marc Clemente 2
Sucre=sugar in French (not Spanish as Faisal pointed out).
John Taylor -1
It means Air Sugar (sucre=sugar in Spanish).
Suze BLAKE 2
no that would be French.
D Chambers 3
Q: How many morons does it take to screw up a takeoff?
A: Apparently, five.
John Bundy 2
The surprising act is that nobody in the industry has learned anything from past history.
Aerosuce Continues to risk everyone's life and nobody cares!
Duane Mader 2
I’ve talked to crews from South America at FlightSafety. I’m guessing engine overhaul & inspection periods are ignored, leaving a lot less power and a lot more YouTube content
bentwing60 1

Much to the surprise of 'No one' their entire fleet consists of aging aircraft and their maintenance requirements, a hugely expensive endeavor if performed to 'the letter of the current' MX manuals doctrine.

Think they have any pesos to fund anything else but fuel?
No SURPRISE...the videos of this Airline goes beyond any regards for safety. No idea how they are allowed to fly .
jeff edwards 1
Jason Awid, a habitual scammer and real life "Karen" The internet is FLOODED with his constant complaints about pizza, tim hortons, comic book stores, the real canadian super store.... just do a simple google search...... he also committed bank fraud yesterday by fraudulently disputing transactions, to keep his merchandise and obtain refunds
mimana 1
Aerosucre needs to renew its fleet.


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