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Air India Selects Up to 290 Boeing Jets to Serve Its Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Air India today announced the carrier has selected Boeing's family of fuel-efficient airplanes to expand its future fleet with plans to invest in 190 737 MAX, 20 787 Dreamliner and 10 777X airplanes. Along with a comprehensive set of aviation services, Air India is advancing its fleet strategy to sustainably address South Asia's rapidly growing market for domestic and international air travel ( More...

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Chris B 9
Thank you pilotjag with some thoughtful and great posts.

It doesn't matter if you are a Boeing or Airbus fan, AI really needs this fleet renewal. Now they have the production slots that other airlines will regret missing out on.
pilotjag 6
No thanks needed. I just like to make sure everyone/everything gets equal amounts of exposure. But I'm glad to see some people appreciate it and will show it! Unlike some users whose comments are negative 90% of the time...
pilotjag 3
And other users who 100% of the time post Airbus in a positive light and Boeing in a negative light... But I think it's clear as day we know who these people are already...
hal pushpak 1
Dost thou speaketh of Debbie Downer?
greg mu 6
Of course this is a Boeing press release...for the record Tata/Air India announced purchase of 250 Airbus & 220 Boeing aircraft. A mix of narrow & wide body 737, 777,787 from Boeing & A320 & A350 from Airbus.
To balance this Airbus don't mention the Boeing order..
Brian Simpson 3
Just regurgiting a Boeing Media Relations media release. Airbus did a little better than that!


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