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Feathered Propellers Appears To Be Behind January's Yeti Airlines ATR Crash

Yeti Airlines flight YT691 crashed while landing in Pokhara, Nepal, on January 15th. Now, just over three weeks on from the tragic crash, data from the aircraft’s flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders is beginning to shed some more light on what happened. According to investigators, initial findings suggest that an engine problem was behind the crash, with the team leading the investigation saying, "Flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder of the Yeti Airlines ATR-72… ( More...

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linbb 4
Video shows stall spin as the result it can be seen to suddenly pitch up and then entered a spin. Sudden loss of power due to feathering would do that.
pilotjag 0
I wonder if one of the pilots accidentally pulled back on the feathering throttles thinking it was the actual propeller power/speed throttles instead


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