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Airbus to win 235 single-aisle jet order under Air India relaunch

European plane maker Airbus is set to win an order for 235 single-aisle planes as part of a historic purchase of some 495 jets due to be announced by a resurgent Air India on Jan. 27, industry sources told ( More...

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pilotjag 1
Let's not glaze over the fact towards the beginning, the article also says "The deal, roughly split with rival Boeing (BA.N), covers a total of 425 single-aisle jets including 235 Airbus A320neo-family planes as well as 190 Boeing 737 MAX airliners reported by Reuters last month, the sources said, asking not to be named." I'm sure you posted it because you saw it was a win for Airbus (as given by the title). But it's also a win for Boeing too...


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