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United announces largest widebody aircraft order ever placed by a U.S. carrier

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — United Airlines today announced the largest widebody order by a U.S. airline in commercial aviation history: 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliners with options to purchase 100 more. United expects to take delivery of the new widebody planes between 2024 and 2032 and keeps the right to choose among the 787-8, 9, or 10 models. ( More...

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Carlen Kirby 9
As a former B777 pilot, I was always proud of that airliner. The triple seven was the first aircraft to be designed entirely by computer CAD and never had a mock-up made before production. Delta was on track to do away with its small fleet of 777s but began refurbishing the 400s in 2017. The refurbished models were great aircraft and had that right off of the assembly line smell when you entered the flight deck. But shortly after the pandemic hit and airlines stacking up planes anywhere they could find room, the Delta 777s were taken out of service never to return.

The Max and the Dreamliner are appropriate aircraft to to take on the future of modern airliners. As an ATP, my days of flying will soon come to an end as I reach that day of the midnight of my 65th birthday. After 34 years of flying mostly Boeing aircraft, I’m glad to see Boeing moving ahead with such a tremendous order. I have nothing against Airbus but I have never liked the idea of a flight management system (computer) having more say so than the PIC. Now we hear talk of a single pilot (can you say flight manager?j on the flight deck in the near future! Time to retire…
Tom Bruce 4
they have almost 150 777 and 767...both need to be replaced
Valerie Scott 4
787 is a great airplane and makes sense. 737(of any vintage) doesn't make sense.
Peter Fuller 2
Maybe the 737 doesn’t make sense, but it makes dollars, euros, etc. The 737 MAX is and will continue to be a moneymaker for the airlines which operate it, though probably not for Boeing when all is said and done.
Thomas Francl 8
Best of all, they're buying an American product!
srobak 2
funny post!
Chris B 5
Badly needed to replace aging aircraft. About a third will be replaced with this order. Many will be over thirty years by the time the last is delivered.
great wildblueyonder 5
As human bodies get wider and wider so should the aircraft they fly in. Fat chance of many people fitting in a narrow bodied aircraft.
srobak 6
The L-1011 was the perfect aircraft for that. Really miss the old TWA config for those. Very spacious and comfortable, along with proper ceiling height.
Zaphod Beeblebrox 1
Such a good aeroplane!
Fat chance. I saw what you did there.
Zaphod Beeblebrox 1
Should they be known as 'Fatbodied' airliners?
ewrcap 3
Much more efficient and fair to make grossly obese people buy two seats. The great majority of airline passengers DO fit. The airline shouldn’t have to give up 30% of their capacity for a tiny fraction of the population. But, if you don’t mind YOU paying 30% more for requiring bigger seats, have at it.
Zaphod Beeblebrox 1
43% of men in the US are obese as of 2018... Hardly a tiny fraction
Zaphod Beeblebrox 1
Maybe they should be known as Fatbodied Airliners?
Mike Taylor 4
Yes, please get rid of those 777-200s with that idiotic front/rear facing configuration in business class. But it still escapes me how people tolerate a 5hr flight on a 737 to Hawaii from the West coast. Back in the day you'd be on a 747 out of SFO.
srobak 2
there's nothing wrong with the opposed seating in biz. TWA was doing this eons ago on the L-1011
Philip Lanum 3
How does the purchase of new 787's effect the seating arrangements on a 737?

Conflate much, get up on the wrong side of the bed?
In business the 787 is great. In coach? Not co much.
Tim Kitslaar 4
Flown in coach on the 787 transpac on multiple airlines and always enjoyed it more than your typical 767/older 777/A330/etc, mostly due to the new tech like lower cabin altitude, higher humidity and much nicer lighting, so definitely wouldn't say that's true at all. Your complaint is more just not liking coach in general, which is fine, but that's the whole 'you get what you pay for' thing. Margins on air travel are incredibly tight these days still even which much better total occupancy rates for flights.
srobak 1
it's better than the 737 or 777
Philip Lanum 6
The airlines pick seat pitch not Boeing. Boeing provides the pitch the airlines pay for.
John D 7
Can't speak for others, but riding on a Dreamliner makes me to never want to ride on any other frame.
Lynn Goss 7
I hate it that the FA's can control my window's opacity.
ewrcap 5
OMG. Next thing you know, they’ll have the power to turn lights on and off! It’s just crazy!
Neil Postlethwaite 3
The A350XWB is every bit as good.
Bayne Just 6
When I traveled, Business or pleasure, my motto was " if it's not a Boeing, Im not going. "
srobak 0
that's incredibly myopic. You've missed out on some very nice rides as a result. Oh well - more room for the rest of us.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
pilotjag 4
Good on both of them! The flexibility (at least for the 787s) will really be a key benefit for United as they see fit going in to the future. I wonder if it'll be the same deal for the 737 MAX since it doesn't seem to mention that in the article
Alan Winn 1
yes, they can choose the Max model they need.

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srobak 7
how's that? it's a fantastic airframe and an awesome ride, and while the initial investment is high - operating and upkeep costs make very good sense. You do know it's been around for a decade and has a proven track record, right?
ewrcap 3
I’m guessing you don’t run a business.
Zaphod Beeblebrox 0
If each aircraft burns an average of 4 tonnes of kerosene per flight and does 5 flights per day.. 4 x 5 x 200 airplanes = 4000 tonnes per day.... is that a lot of pollution released into the atmosphere each day? Just putting it out there.


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