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UK airline Flybe to return to skies next year after pandemic collapse

I have the Last Flight to Bristol UK March 2020 as it Flew..Screenshot c/o Flightaware. ( More...

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Malcolm Edge 2
Behind a paywall so can’t see article
This would be good news; they picked up the "BA regional" network about ten years ago when BRAL packed up.
mark robinson 2
Why bother posting links to articles that are behind paywalls which probably 99.9% of your audience don't subscribe to?
A waste of everybody's time.....
Jim Costello 2
Yes a complete nuisance these paywalls. Anyway anyone that follows aviation knows where most of the Flybe aircraft have been grounded since they ceased operations.
alex hidveghy 1
To y Noo an,
Why did you post from this source? No one can see it!! It’s a paywall!!


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