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Airplane Drops Human Waste On Man While Flying Over His Garden

he said the man's "whole garden, and garden umbrellas, and him" were splattered in human waste dumped from a plane flying overheard. "I know a number of incidents happen every year with frozen sewage from planes, but this wasn't frozen and his whole garden was splattered in a very unpleasant way," she said, according to BBC. ( More...

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Greg S 21
"Ms Davies said that the man contacted the airline, which initially denied that its plane was in the area. The airline eventually acknowledged the incident after the man identified the aircraft through a route tracking app."

Flightaware has the receipts.
The Dude 14
First, the airline should get a HUGE fine, proportionate to what unruly passengers get.

Second, they should pay for the cleanup
James Simms 7
I suppose the airline would be S.O.L.
Don Derham 9
Man on ground should pay for the fertilizer he received
Larry Toler 1
Why? If he can prove it?
lynx318 1
And new flowers ;) and bush
Nigel Gentry 12
I can't believe that the airline initially denied that they had a plane in the area. It's so easy to track airline movements now that they must have known that this could be disproved!
Pat Cattin 0
If it is so easy to track airline movements maybe they shouldn’t have them.
ADXbear 11
Crappy situation...
Buzz26 11
Shit happens
belzybob 3
No shit?
Nolan Clinard 9
Unless everyone aboard was a vegan, human waste is NOT a good garden fertilizer. I imagine the blue disinfectant would hinder plant growth somewhat, too.

Hilarious that he called BS on the airline with a tracker app.

Airline: "Oh, THAT plane."
zennermd 8
Well, that's a bit of crappy luck.
Larry Toler 6
All kidding aside, how does a lav dump in flight? In my AFSC, as Air Transportation we also had to suck lavs. The older 130's had honey buckets which was like a 10 gallon bucket lined with a trash bag. Every other aircraft I've seen you have to unlatch a panel and turn a valve. Even as basic on the J41 ground crews hated defleeting those because the valve would stick close. That said I have seen some hilarious outcomes between USAF airmen and civilian ground crew really have crappy days.
sparkie624 2
The way it works now days is that you have a Dump valve in the lav that you pull the cable to Dump it once the Truck is plugged in. In addition, you have a Doughnut that is inserted to prevent it from dumping off schedule.. More often than you might expect it does not get reinstalled especially if the person serving is in a hurry due to a late call or quick turn... In turn being in a hurry the person serving the lav forgets to close the valve... Now the next time someone flush and the Valve is open, Bombs away and Look Out Below! There is a Toilet Valve inside the tank so there are 3 ways to prevent the leakage, but accidents happen, especially when people get into a hurry or complacent.
James Simms 1
Flew several times on a C-130 from BHM to Howard Air Base in Panama in the mid-late 90’s for Annual Training. Attempting to use the ‘facilities’ on a heaving, bucking wild horse was a tremendous experience, especially w/nothing between your dropped drawers & the pax/crew except a similar heaving drawn curtain.
Pat Cattin 1
Good point. Sounds like a set up. The homeowner is full of shit.
Maybe it was Holy S**T!
Larry Toler 6
Free fertilizer. That's pretty sh**ty. I'm thinking when you get handed lemons make lemonade. It's sort of funny. I live close to KATL. If that were to happen in my backyard. "Well, sh*t! Hmm this will save me a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's." It might not be as funny if it really happens to me. I started off with crappy day this actually brightened my mood. I thought I was getting dumped on. This guy wins hands down.
Heatseekerws6 7
Just when you think your si*t out of luck, this type of crap happens in a very fecal kind of way!
James Simms 3
Was Cousin Eddie in the area?
Trent Pierce 1
Shitters Full!
Bobby Lykins 3
Back in the old ramp days, 737-200's and 727's were notorious for arriving at the gates with frozen chunks of "blue juice" hanging off the lav panels... especially in the rear. Can't remember how many times that stuff would break off and hit the runway on approach in the warmer air. A few incidents where a car or house would get a chunk, but mostly it was still attached to the plane. The cause: 97% of the time was improper closure of the drain tube, 3% was a defective washer inside the drain cap. It is definitely on the airline. I'm surprised it still happens, although rare today.
That happened here 10 years ago. All of the carriers hotly denied it. They covered a small industrial park. The pictures of the 'residue' was gag inducing. It was a hot day, and that residue was baking on the buildings, cars, and roofs. The stench wasn't as bad as people expected, but it was ruled a public health incident, but still, no one was found to be definitively guilty of it. Not funny...

And the industry says it's not them. Sure, a HUGE GOOSE flew over, full of 'blue water', and unleashed it on several buildings that just happen to be in the approach pattern of the airport. Sure... I see those bloated geese all the time...
Better in a proper garden then on board an aircraft. Clean up please aisle 86 ... "can you be quit quick about it" sorry - more crappy comments
sparkie624 2
Now that is a "Crappy Mess"!
crackup 2
I wonder what Jim Lahey, the Sunneyvale Trailer Park supervisor would say?
sparkie624 2
With everything else out there he probably would not notice.
clarify 2
Can someone who knows explain? Is dumping a crew-controlled option? If so, why, and what are the pre-requisites (e.g., must be lower than X or higher than Y or over an ocean at least Z nm from land)?
sparkie624 4
No, it is not. Has to be done on the ground... Chances are, someone who serviced the A/C did not close the valve and panel correctly
patrick bloem 2
Had the frozen dump in my backyard one time. Lots of blue in the snow. living 7-10 miles from KGRR. Way before flight tracking was easily available.
George Pepe 1
I thought airplanes couldn’t do this anymore.
sparkie624 3
I guess you can say that sh.. I mean Crap Happens! What goes up, must come down... Sooner or later.... In this case it was sooner! :)
Pat Cattin 1
Can’t means won’t.
WOW..many years ago when airlines were flying the dc 10, there were incidents of cargo doors opening and things falling out..once there wwas a report of a coffin being dropped into a persons yard..there also used to be reports of big blocks of the "blue goo" from aircraft lavatories falling from the sky.but that hasnt happened in years either..
Peter Fuller 3
AA96, DC10, June 1972, DTW-BUF: cargo door blew out, some stuff from cargo hold including a coffin went out, decompression caused partial cabin floor collapse and jammed some control cables, causing control problems. Landed safely at DTW.

Same thing happened again, Turkish Airlines 981, March 1974, Paris-London Heathrow, only this time control was lost, the crash killed all 346 on board the DC10.

Compared to these, a little poop falling in a garden ain’t no big deal.
Neil Ward 1
Not unless you're on the receiving end !
Gary Stone 1
Man later admitted it was his neighbors who threw feces on him. They were mad he didn’t share his veggies with them.
Pat Cattin 1
I’m just real glad it didn’t hit the fan.
Pat Cattin 1
This whole story stinks to high heaven.


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