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Nairobi Lawmaker Wants to Put an End to Farting on Airplanes

On Sept. 11, a Kenyan lawmaker put forth a plan to end what she considers a big problem — mile-high flatulence. Range Constituency representative Dr. Lilian Gogo of Nairobi called for resolution to people passing gas in airplane cabins during a parliamentary debate Wednesday regarding the National Assembly Committee on Transport, Public Works and Housing, according to Nairobi News. ( More...

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jeff slack 21
...........ask any cabin attendant male or female about 'crop dusting' the passengers.
yatesd 39
As funny as this is, I flew Iberia coming and going from Madrid to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Very long flight for a little A319. On each leg, someone must have been in some terrible gastrointestinal distress. The the level of flatulence released into the passenger cabin was on a cosmic-event level. A literal supernova of a discharge. The flight attendants were forced to raid the duty-free cart and spray perfume (wish they had duty free Febreeze). Don't know what the offender ate, but that substance should be banned from the planet, lest we accelerate climate change even faster.
Toby Sharp 17
LOL............"supernova of a discharge"
Mike Duralia 8
Damnit...I have coffee all over my shirt now....
djames225 4
Sounds like it was a good thing that smoking was banned on flights then..cosmic-level event would take on a whole new meaning, unfortunately.
sparkie624 1
Back in April, Spirit Airlines was in the news over a Fart - "Spirit Airlines flight grounded over 'unknown odor,' 7 taken to hospital: report" - - Several people onboard a Spirit Airlines flight were reportedly taken to the hospital after the plane was forced to land due to an “unknown odor,” officials confirmed to local outlets.
WeatherWise 17
Geez, just open a window..... ;)
Why make a big stink about it?
Bob Myers 24
I, for one, applaud this effort. It's definitely time to air out these differences, and address the growing pressures implicit in this situation. Rather than continuing to gaslight the public, we finally see a lawmaker who's willing to raise a stink about this issue and not just go whichever way the wind blows. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I've bean pushing for a long time for this news to break, and now that is has I think I can safely predict lots of skid marks as politicos try to evade the stench of this one. It should be a ripping good time!
rstumpel 5
Your long-winded, but carefully worded response made my eyes water. Well done!
Generally I say, "farts are funny"! Mr. Myers, I have not been able to stop laughing...2 hrs since I first read... I just hope I never have to actually be subjected...
Toby Sharp 11
.........had to stop and look at the comments on this one! Where is Wayne Brokeout when you need his words of wisdom. RIP MR WAYNE, I am sure you are up there laughing at this one Sir.
scott8733 19
Preacher's last name was Bookout- but those of us old guys sure appreciate your thoughts. He would have said something to the effect:

"Methinks instead of making law- make Immodium + Anti-Gas available in the beverage cart and our problems are solved". I miss that ol' Preacher 1 :(
sparkie624 2
Thanks for the memory.. you are right... He was a great man and a better friend.
Mark Cuming 8
I applaud her effarts!
djames225 7
I wish lawmakers would quit farting around and get laws passed.
sparkie624 2
Can you get straight to the Point LOL...... All jokes aside.. one of the best comments of the day.
ToddBaldwin3 7
I had to look, more than once, to make sure I was not reading an article from the "The Onion."
aurodoc 7
The solution is activated charcoal underwear to filter out the smell.
Shreddies makes them.
yatesd 8
When I was in the Air Force, that was how we knew our training chem warfare suits were no longer effective!
Travis Reed 5
what's wrong with crop dusting over 100 people at a time a mile up?
mlevine 5
...Farting is prohibited on board the aircraft. Lavatories are equipped with Fart detection systems. Federal law prohibits tampering with, disabling or destroying these systems...
James Eaton 5
Perhaps the opposite could be applied... just think: if a plane load of people could fart all the time, the 'output' (methane) could be directed to provide power for the engines.... :)
"Have fart, will travel." lol
jerry hamm 7
Hey Doc Lilian, it's biological. Cabins are pressurized to simulate 8000' when they actually fly at 30,000' plus. At 8000' the pressures inside body cavities are greater in relationship to when people are on the ground. Hence, farting commences..
Chris Bryant 6
Kenya must be a utopia if this is all their legislature has to work on.
djames225 3
Simple enough..stinkpipe tube from every seat to the about saving fuel.
siriusloon 1
Unless there's a backfire.
sparkie624 1
Be careful.... Don't want to over temp the Turbine!
djames225 1
They want ramjets....
lynx318 1
Feed it into the afterburners.
ExPatHere 3
Love it! I carry Vicks to put up my nose....The Asian flights are the worst....
wdhearrell 3
The airline calls this "inflight recreation"....
Putt Putt
It's good to see this Gogo Girl has solved the rest of Kenya's problems and this airy issue has finally floated to the top!
Mike Webb 5
The answer is obviously specially trained "Fart Marshalls" who sniff out the culprits and issue fart citations in varying colours dependent on the virulence of the offense.
canuck44 6
Nothing is ever to be done to keep bowel gas from expanding and this is now a problem as the air in the aircraft is barely exchanged but mostly recirculated. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the dietary choices of your fellow passengers for longer periods as they not only linger but they come back to remind you.o.

I guess like the famous dead dog switch there is a need for an air exchange selection held by the cabin crew.
pilotjag 2
Another great article...
I am in Berlin Germany and after clicking link, I am told the EU forbids this web site. It's not first censorship either.
Tim Haight 2
The EU forbids it? That's a first, I think I'd check with your internet provider. I thought you all over there pretty much had freedom of speech every place now days. But then again we dont hear much over here unless Trump supposedly did it. Good luck
The EU has strict rules about internet. Has nothing to do with provider. Happens in Greece toov Think again Tim.
Tim Haight 4
Sorry to hear that, there is only one definition of freedom, I hope someday mankind figures it out and people can live their life without government or any other suppression.
Jeraboam 1
I've used my laptop and cellphone in many countries in Western Europe and the UK and never had a problem accessing this website. If this continues, you might want to try a different server.
Jim Ries 2
"Inhale at your own risk"
Jim DeTour 2
Korea bans passengers on Korean Air from eating kimchi prior to flights since the smell permeates the air with the stench. That's not even letting go with gas. The stench comes out of kimchi eaters pores. It is understandable trying to ban farting. But, some spices and vegetables cause gas.

When trying to end the gas release problem they could be better served by tracking down which airport food serveries are selling foods that causes gas.
Rob Palmer 2
Service days in Seoul: I still remember the houseboys carefully stacking their Kimchi lunchbags on the heating ducts to keep them warm. Blower goes on and the odor goes to every corner of the barracks. Oh yes, and there was summer and winter Kimchi; winter was smellier--more garlic?
wdhearrell 2
The Nairobi lawmaker certainly has the right surname for this issue.
sparkie624 -8
Very True... and all the others have the right to vote against him... Just a stupid liberal Idea.... I am surprised AOC hasn't come up with that one yet....
Simple: OFF with their asses!
Mike Duralia 2
Soon we will see instructions on pre-flight requirements for passengers similar to those that a doctor gives prior to a colonoscopy...
ken young 2
As off the wall as this appears, it does make sense.
We've all read or experienced incidents of pax poor hygiene, uncouthly acts, nose picking, toe nail clipping, belching, hair brushing, generally bad behavior.
Let's face it, in the absence of enforcement of the rules of civilized society, people regress into their most primitive behaviors.
Jim Ries 2
jet4ang 2
How about fixing the fartasses that run the governments instead!
Its worse in the cockpit
Tim Haight 2
She's in practice to become an American politician, pass worthless laws because their to stupid to do what they were elected for. I'm surprised she doesn't want to ban cows from flying too!
Jim Ries 2
Next will be an end against belching. Make it a felony. :)
sparkie624 2
Please.... They already have enough stupid ideas... Don't give them anymore!
Harold Burton 2
Lets see Kenya? Isn't that where one of our Presidents was from?
sparkie624 3
Yeah.... Just our Illegitimate one!
Roch Comeau 1
Then stop serving fresh fruit in the lounge and plane!
djames225 1
I can just picture The Rolling Stones doing a concert in that area is this farting around gets passed. Slight lyric arrangement on their part

"But it's all right now, in fact, it's just gas
But it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Lilian Flash
It's just gas, gas, gas"
Herbert Petty 1
pilot should fly at lower altitude to allow more fresh air into the craft.... this is what the real problem is....
Andre Page 1
Just raise the cabin pressure a little (lot?)... Problem solved! ;-)
James Simms 1
Maybe they should hand out Beano or other meds before taking off or as part of the offerings on the cart...
Open the window for fresh air!
LittleT 1
You’re not just imagining the farting among your fellow travelers. Studies have shown flatulence increases in the air. The Aerospace Medical Association says our body’s gas can expand 25%. “We know from physics that gas tends to expand inversely to pressure,” one doctor says. “Therefore, as we climb on a flight, the external pressure is progressively lower, and any gas trapped inside our body cavities will expand accordingly.” This includes the gas in your intestines, which can lead to bloating and the urge to break wind.
Randy Reynard 1
Activated charcoal "fart filters" in the seat cushions (as are found in many cars) would help clear the air.
siriusloon 1
This is the same country where people murder albinos and where people think there's gold inside the skulls of bald men and kill them to get it, so compared to those, this idea is pretty tame.

You young'uns should Google George Carlin's bit about the guy with a perfect diet all his life who one day eats something different and farts for the first time in his life. "I can't come in to work today." "Why not?" "There's air coming out of me! In spurts!"
HugoHuge 1
I usually take a huge dump to get rid of the massive lump of digested waste of gassing malodorous stench in my large bowel and thence erupting from my back door. It work wonders. Since experiencing one in the QANTAS lounge in Shanghai I’ve had a Royalet Electronic bidet. Apart from washing it has an enema function to cleanse the final pieces in the bowel. I was told by the supplier that RAAF fighter pilots have them in their mess and installed at home by the Airforce. Long missions in anti g suits mean you must get rid of it all and it’s less weird than nappies.
Jeff Phipps 1
And some people wonder why the west doesn't accept many countries' doctors as being "real" doctors when they emigrate.
J Songin 1
I assume Dr Gogos is not a medical doctor and knows little or nothing about altitude physiology. Strongly concur with previous comment about her practicing to be an American politician in a politically correct city.
Dave Cooke 1
Maybe she’s full of it?
P B 1
Where is the greatest pollution in the world? Seat cushions.
James Simms 1
George Carlin once said if a fart got into a seat cushion, it would take a sledgehammer to get it out...Booinggg. Whoooosh.
Harry Thomas 1
James Simms 3
Reminds me of this classic movie scene....
sparkie624 1
Most certainly... LOL... That was one of the Greatest scenes of all time!
It's too much intake of protein that actually causes gas, so you can add meat and dairy to the list of causes.
ed lang 1
I wont be surprised if one of the many presidential challengers takes this on as well. Greenhouse
James Simms 3
AOC should take this up as she’s dead set to eliminate cow farts as is the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Kalifornia
This whole discussion is a gas!
James Simms 0
Great, more government regulations
Tim Haight 0
Hey America knows how to frack now, why not put a rubber tube in every seat and save fuel while we're at this nonsense. People best wake up in a hurry, a farting infidel isnt the problum in this world, its radical idiots who are to stupid to address the real issues in the world. The hell with all the starving people were flying over right now, the one next to me has no manners and just let one go. For God's sake people learn to take care of yourself, and when you become a Saint then come back and talk to us.
sharon bias -3
Can we get rid of crying babies at the same time? The change in air pressure is often what makes them cry.
Declan Boland 4
This is why babies cry.
ken young 4
I'd like to see air carriers introduce "kid free flights".
Tim Haight 1
How about fat free flights?
James Simms 1
Flew from BHM to PHL connecting @ CLT for Command & General Staff College for the Army one Summer @ Ft. Dix “In the Sticks”.. Had to hold over PHL for 45 minutes & listen to a baby in the back cry. Next year I drove up
Ron Lorenz 0
Don't haul passengers that eat Skunks!!
It’s a great time to be a mouth-breather!


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