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Boeing's fix for 737 MAX will take additional weeks

(CNN)Boeing's 737 MAX jets will remain grounded for weeks after the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday afternoon that the plane maker continues to work on a software fix. Boeing had said it would submit the fix to the FAA last week, and it had gathered hundreds of industry representatives at its Seattle-area facilities last Wednesday to demonstrate the software changes. But the FAA said Monday that the company concluded "additional work" is needed. ( More...

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jbqwik 6
Seems the issue might be more involved than Boeing admitted. They'll get it right, of course. But it's disappointing that Boeing managers reverted to old habits as witnessed with this mess. If you look at several upper management decisions over the last 12 years or so... someone needs a dope slap.
angel felix 0
they shoud go back to the oldest way of auto pilot


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