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Allegiant Celebrates Delivery of First New Airbus A320

The low-cost carrier, Allegiant Air, unveiled the first brand new aircraft, an Airbus A320 (N246NV) in an event at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). N246NV is the first aircraft from Allegiant’s July 2016 order for 12 A320ceo aircraft. ( More...

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toolguy105 4
One plane does not make a fleet. It is my understanding that the A320 will eventually replace the current fleet of planes. Properly maintained Allegiant hopefully will then focus on customer service and on time departures.
I hope they maintain their A320's better than their MD-80's.
scott8733 5
83's in particular are the issue from what I understand

"If I arrive safely, I save a few hundred bucks. If not, I die"
John Rumble 2
Ain't that the truth. I fly them out of Sanford and to call their MD-80's bucket of bolts is charitable.
So many rattles,squeaks and odd engine noises , there should be a priest there giving last rites before every flight
Ian Deans 2
Have never seen such skinny seats......can they really get any worse?
Yeah....on military transports like the Hercules.
Charles Peele 3
Don't Forget Value Jet!!!!!!
David Barnes 3
Which has no connection to Allegiant, but instead can trace its lineage straight to Southwest Airlines.
Wrong! The same people who owned Value Jet changed the airline's name and moved it to base out of Las Vegas AFTER one of their jets with illegal O2 canisters caught fire and drilled itself into the everglades. Maybe with NEW any planes instead of new to them USED planes, they can stop their seemingly scheduled engine failures and other problems that demand emergency landings on a regular basis. Allegiant pilots are some of the best in the world. They don't require Sim training for emergencies. A lot of them won't allow their own families on board an Allegiant flight, for free or not. The FAA is also suspect as they've let AAR(Allegiant's MRO) off the hook for shoddy maintenance too many times and cooking the maintenance books.
Sorry but that is not correct about Valujet. After they resumed flying they soon merged with Airtran, an airline that had been based in Orlando and was flying routes in the eastern half of the country. Valujet assumed the Airtran name in 1998 or 99. They flew as Airtran Airways based in Orlando, with a major hub in Atlanta which was the original Valujet hub. Ultimtely they were bought by Southwest, so Mr. Barnes is correct. There was no connection between Valujet and Allegiant.
Charles Peele 1
What's your problem Mr. Goldberg? If you'll check out Google/Allegiant, etc perhaps you might learn something! Like it or not, the management of Value Jet is now running Allegiant.........C
Charles Peele 1
And if wishes were horses all beggars would ride. Just cuz Allegiant bought Airbus doesn't mean laws of gravity and "looking the other way" have been retired. Just hope they treat these differently than the MD-80's. "He who must be obeyed" brayed" continually about. " We cost less cuz I buy 'em cheap". Mr. toolguy 105, don't hold yer breath! By the way when did the description "low-cost carrier" replace "damn cheap? CTP P.S. Above all don't forget Valu-Jet!
Raymond Raedy 1
What is the seat pitch?
Taylor Jones 3
Looks like their regular 30" seat pitch. What surprised me, though, is the actual seat. The picture of the back and sides make it look like its just a plastic shell with a piece of synthetic leather stretched across it.
scott8733 1
Based on what I saw, a sheet of paper is thicker. No thanks boss. I'll drive.
John Rumble 1
skinny sardine
we had a mech. delay of 6-7 hrs at chattanooge, 5-14-17, they up dated three times and finally a backup aircraft arrived in Chattanooga for our 9:40P flight back to Sanford. What happenes If the NEW A320 is packed and Flight is cancelled? how many other aircraft will they need to move those people??? They did Give us Pizza and cold drink. There was NO help from the ticket counter clerk and She told me She was the Supervisor. What a run-a-round we got that evening. Allegiant has lost many future customers. They ought to be accountable and ashamed. Woopeeee!!!. we each got a &50:00 Voucher, Yep!! the $50:00 HAS to go back to the Company, isn't that nice.
OH!!, all those little children and some handicapted folks, how about them??
Wayne Fox 1
Their A320's are as comfortable as they are spacious. Everything is to minimize comfort and maximize profit. Their seats are not adjustable and lightly padded. Makes for a very uncomfortable trip for anyone of size and I don't mean huge, just a few pounds overweight.

The secret to SWA's success is using just 737. I live in Phoenix. When America West first started up they had a variety of aircraft in their inventory. When they included Hawaii from Phoenix they added 747 service. I believe they also did their own maintenance which can be costly when you maintain many varieties both in parts, service and staff. At least AWA was comfortable.

What ever happened to all that competition deregulating was to bring about? AWA is now AA with a short stint with US Airways.
Pat Tolaj 1
My personal experience, I always thought Airbus was a more comfortable plane than Boeing. Granted, this could also vary from airline to airline. I personally don't have a preference, as some love getting into heated debates over Airbus v Boeing. Just my opinion.

As far as deregulation.....go through any sector (banks, airlines, wall st., energy, etc) and you'll see that, historically, deregulation has nothing to do with competition, and everything to do with bigger companies gobbling up the smaller ones, essentially killing off competition and making it extremely difficult for new competition to enter the market, pretty much putting a stranglehold on the market. It's happened in the past, it's happening again.
Wayne Fox 1
I like the Airbus because I believe that the overhead bins are bigger, maybe not but that 's what I seem to remember.

I agree about deregulation. Bigger and fewer are the end result. I was a victim of just that in the banking environment as well as the oil industry.
Charles Peele -3
The ghosts of dead passengers, in the Florida Swamp, will for ever haunt the errant lack of responsibility causing the crash to simply carry a different name.
Roy Troughton 2
I'm assuming you are referring to the Valujet DC-9 accident. Curious how this has any connection with Allegiant.
Do some REAL research and stfu. Allegiant is nothing more than Value Jet renamed/rebased.
Charles Peele 0
Check who owned Value-Jet.
Roy Troughton 3
ValuJet later changed its name to AirTran and then it was bought out by Southwest. I don't see an Allegiant connection!
The CEOs of Value jet are the CEOs of Allegiant with the same M.O.
Charles Peele 0
Don't believe me. Check out Google, Value Jet and Allegiant!
Charles Peele 0
Maybe Mr Troughton will get it!!! It's the same actors with a new title!


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