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Pilot Confesses Secret Just Moments before Takeoff. Hands Woman Envelope 21 Years in the Making

With all the airline horror stories of late, sometimes the happy ones need to be posted. Here is a video of a Southwest captain celebrating his one millionth passenger....classy. ( More...

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Scott Campbell 28

LAst week I watched a United Pilot who was headed downstairs for pre flight check, turn around and come back onto the jet way to escort an Older women all the way to her seat. And often I see this kind of kindness from crews and other passengers. The adult babies who fly and also work for airlines are the ones making the news.
mariofer 6
Very well said. Unfortunately, good stories don't bring ratings anymore. As a society we have made a reality show out of our lives. Drama and controversy are the only important aspects of it. Glad to see that some people bother to bring good stories to the forefront and there are folks who still appreciate them.
I disagree wholeheartedly about good stories not bringing ratings - look at the stories that go viral on social media and a significant many of them, if not the majority, are "feel good" events. I don't understand why mainstream media doesn't jump on the bandwagon of social media and present these types of stories (the ones that do are simply showing the viral videos that are already on social media, but not getting their own stories to report on).
alex hidveghy 3
Absolutely! Remember Sully and the "Miracle on the Hudson"? They even made a movie out of that one and several books, too..........
George Lane 7
TL;DNR: She was his one-millionth passenger. The envelope contained the cash equivilent of her airfare price (paid out of the pilot's own pocket).
thats cool
toolguy105 4
I no,longer fly southwest as they don't have a first class. I need the reclining seat and legroom because of a back injury. When I was able to fly them I have witnessed other such acts by crew members towards passengers.

It is rare to see any acts of air rage aboard a Southwest flight and maybe it is because of how laid back everything is, Whatever Southwest has and how they instill it in crew members if the could bottle it they would make a fortune. Now if they would only add some first class seats.
rdlink 8
Every seat on Southwest is first class.
toolguy105 2
That depends on your definition of "First Class". In my Definition its a wider, more comfortable seat that fully reclines and has legroom greater than 40" The leg room on a Southwest aircraft is, known as pitch, is 31 inches and width is 17.5. The pitch on the same type of aircraft on other companies is 40 inches with a width of 21 inches
MSReed 3
This story made my day. It's been a long time since I've flown commercial (I'm so grateful for GA), but I do believe that the majority of the staff are as caring--if not quite as creative--as this pilot.
Southwest will start flying from the Cayman islands in June and I can't wait to see what they have to offer. Kudos to you Mr pilot. Congrats Southwest :)
Marty Flagg 2
As a Mortician..I just wanted to give a shout out to both In Flight and On Ground crews, in the handling of H R's lately. I havr sa 3....all were handled with True care and Dignity! Well done.
What a wonderful gesture! I've always been very partial to Southwest. They have always had an unusual management
and a truely unique staff starting from their beginning. I remember, many years ago, being on a Southwest flight and
talking to a lovely white haired Stewardess who told me about flying for PanAm, when she was young, then raising a
family and how happy she was to be a Stewardess once again. Congratulations to the Captain for caring so much!
TWA55 2
Pretty neat Captain.
Great story. I guess he was able to do this because of Southwest boarding process.
Si bueno yo opino lo mismo todo se trata de realme te como lo tomes y segun el angulo aunque normalmente las opiniones en este sentido son variadas esperemos mas comentarios
Gopal Gautam 1
This is true humanity and encourage the other team members towards devotion towards the aviation industry.
Awesome....we need more storied like this in aviation.
Ralph Jammen 1
Haven't flown yet do to the back. Injury but lookingvcoeward to
Keep up the good work pilots and crew
James Hanley 1
That so cool!
John Wyer 1
Very nice to se good news reported. It seems like today that only the bad news is shared. Congratulations and kudos to this pilot. I have a feeling that these acts of kindness and courtesy are the norm and the other "bad" stories are few and far between but get all the attention.
Paul Young 0
My Facebook comment: Enough with the negative! Let's talk about the positive!
Ray Toews -2
I always laugh at the request for wider seats. There are 3 seats on tbis side and three on the other. And an isle. The seats havent got any narrower, our asses have got wider.
indy2001 2
Sorry, but you're just plain wrong about the width of seats. Do an internet search on "seat width decreasing" and you'll find articles from the NY Times, USA Today, CNN, Fortune, Independent Traveler, and a wide variety of other sources. The USA Today article has tables that show decreasing seat pitch and seat width over the last 30 years. Since the original post was about Southwest, we'll take them as an example. In 1990-91 (the last year they could document), WN had an average seat width of 19.0"-19.5". Now it's 17". The other 3 major airlines have similar values.


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