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United Airlines Passengers Say Flights Grounded Nationwide

United Airlines passengers at airports around the country say their flights have been temporarily grounded Wednesday morning because of a computer system malfunction. Flights were expected to be impacted throughout the day. ( More...

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Good thing they were on the ground when the ground top happened. Imagine the inconvenience of the alternative air stop...
preacher1 3
Ground stop
ken young 1
You stole my thunder.....Damn you!!!! LOL
ken young 3
The people in the Board Room are the only ones that have benefitted from these airline mergers. Everyone else is taking it in the shorts.
joel wiley 2
The can still afford shorts?
Frontier and Spirit - they'll never be close to United
Ultra low cost will never get business travelers who need
Multiple destinations with several daily flight times.
These 2 and SWA cannot compare to the routes of
Major airlines - and often even Southwest's fares are
Higher than the big 3 to cover the "free" baggage
joel wiley 4
How will United fare if they can't keep their computers going?
Hopefully this incident will be a wakeup call for them to fund infrastructure support
elcockm 1
You can't really trust united airline there is always something wrong not?
jmilleratp 1
This is what you get when you are so desperate to merge with another airline, and your company is not ready to go through all the changes that go with that. And, it isn't just the infrastructure problems like this. US Airways and America West pilots are still at odds over their Seniority List integration from years ago. Now, they are going to be integrated with yet another airline. Bigger doesn't mean better. And, you know that these mergers happen mostly for those who are going to get big payouts over the mergers, like investors and CEO's.
preacher1 1
John, there may be something else in play here. I saw a blurb a few ago that not only UAL, but NYSE and all of Wall street were experiencing some glitches as well.
jmilleratp 1
I've worked in the computer business. It sounds like over-stressed networks. When you try to push too much traffic through a router, it can crash. I think that United probably put the merger forward before their networks were ready. Or, they didn't put the money into preparing their networks in advance. I have been an airline employee for 15 years now, and there are airlines that have to be pushed to the limit to spend money, no matter how important it is needed.
preacher1 1
After I retired, I had a truck line for about 4 years. When I took it over we had 1 single Dell with 4 meg of RAM and no backup. When I left, we had a 2 big Dells one a full mirror with Hard drive backup on both as well, with 8 mg of RAM in each one; 32 work stations running a LINUX platform. Prior to having that about the last 2 years, there were a lot of them 3am calls. When I got tired of them, I spent the money and started getting a good night's sleep. LOL. I doubt the Airlines be much different and most of their CEO's are not getting up at 3AM either.
joel wiley 3
As they say, pay now or pay later.
Kurt Anderson 1
If I got grounded I'd rather sleep on a terminal floor than on the ground somewhere when the plane crashed.
Colin Seftel 1
Good guess John.
"An issue with a (computer) router degraded network connectivity for various applications, causing this morning's operational disruption," United said in a statement. "We fixed the router issue, which is enabling us to restore normal functions."
This is electronic networked based NOT AIRLINE TYPE - wake up people !!!!
joel wiley 1
It seems to have been United's system, as such it is TYPE=UNITED. One comment in the article said regionals were back up sooner because they do their own weight and balance calculations. That may be a clue to where the problem occurred. A single central application server is less complex to maintain than several distributed ones. But as Mark Twain wrote "Put all of your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket!".
preacher1 1
I'm kinda like John down here below; they got the order down but just not big enough servers to handle it, and until they do expand those, it will keep on crashing. They just don't want to spend the money. It don't bother them to spend millions on a new plane. Those produce direct revenue. While an integral part, computers don't.
desparate to merge ??? LMAO this has nothing to do with the merger, if you want a diaster in the making American and US Airways will never be settled with Doug Parker at the helm ...
canuck44 0
Being passed by Frontier. Spirit gaining on them.
preacher1 0
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Technical glitch disrupts United flights nationwide

The second such setback for the carrier in less than six weeks.
DAL498 -2
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United flights grounded by computer problem

United Airline flights were grounded Wednesday morning due to a problem with the airline's computer system, the FAA reported.
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United Airlines Tech Glitch Grounds All Flights

A computer network issue caused United Airlines to ground all of its flights at airports across the United States Wednesday morning.

The nationwide ground stop, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration at the request of the airline, lasted for more than an hour and delayed hundreds of flights. ...


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