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Qantas to make the world's shortest Boeing 747 flight this weekend

Qantas will carve itself another slice of aviation history this weekend when it makes the world's shortest Boeing 747 flight, at a mere 15 minutes from wheels-up to landing, as VH-OJA – the airline's first ever Boeing 744 – flies to her new retirement home at an Australian aviation museum. ( More...

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Derek Thomas 2
Hard to believe these aircraft are being retired about 5 years before my "road warrior" status changed to a dead stop. The 744 and 76 were all shiny new then. That was just yesterday, right?
ChadG 2
I once did a Delta 744 ferry flight with my dad when they were being painted in VCV to LAX, which is about 100 miles, but I don't remember flight times (probably <15-20 minutes).
Marcus Pradel 1
The shortest B474 flight should go to the DreamLifter that landed at the wrong airport some 15-20 miles from their destination about 1 year ago.
Bill Bullock 2
Yes Marcus, I just looked that up. I guess that takes the biscuit (cookie). We need a different category. I suggest correct intended destination.
Bill Bullock 1
Not too sure about that claim Steve! I know BA do positioning flights Heathrow/Gatwick or reverse. Comparative distances - Sydney/Illawarra 47 miles. Heathrow/Gatwick 25 miles or using metric 76km / 40km. I'll give you that the runway alignment makes for a straighter route down under but I still think Heathrow/Gatwick might be quicker. We need flight times.


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