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Falcon 7X sets transatlantic speed record

Dassault’s Falcon 7X has set a new transatlantic speed record, flying between Teterboro in the New York metropolitan area and London City airport at an average speed of Mach 0.88. ( More...

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panam1971 9
The cure for coach class. Yours for only 22 million dollars.
harold smith 1
You may want to double that price, and then a little
preacher1 1
Yeah, they have gone up a little bit. LOL
biz jets 6 FlightGlobal is a little slow, my friend
was on board - that was last week.

photo 1;

photo 2;

photo 3;

photo 4;

photo 5;

photo 6;
bbabis 2
Thanks for the pictures and video. It looked like a very nice trip. Interesting that it makes the steep approach into London City with the spoilers deployed. I guess you just bug up 10kts.
preacher1 1
Out of curiosity, where did you find the pic or video of the spoiler deployed landing?
biz jets 3

Video posted above shows the landing, Spoilers Extended.
preacher1 1
biz jets 3
Another shot;
The 7X has air brake 1 for the entire approach including the landing….once on the ground air brake 2 automatically extends.
spyke0511 4
Nobody can say whether this was a waste of fuel except the people who were on the plane. No telling how much money their company could have just made because of their ability to get across the world quickly.
preacher1 0
As stated below. The story is poorly written in that it concentrates on the speed, which is nothing, rather than the destination airport.
Bill Bullock 2
What's the definition of a Biz Jet.
biz jets 6
This is actually an excellent post - kudos to the persons that voted it up, as for the people who have voted it down - why not post a reason - if your not interested in bizjets - why even read it. As for posting a relevant story down - why are you even on FlightAware, I'm currently lobbying the FlightAware Powers to track the serial negative posters to have their ISP's blocked by FlightAware so you don't continue to ruin a good thing.
Site censorship is not the answer here. I get annoyed when people thumb down stories I post, however that's their perogative, and they are well within their rights to do this. Freedom of expression, with some very specific limitations (ie spammer bots and hateful posts unrealted to aviation) must be upheld on this site.
N. C. 4
Your mention of banning of negative serial posters is an opinion you can freely express. Who are you to lobby for the banning of those who post negative responses on whatever the topic may be? Doubtful you can square your pov.
WithnailANDi 3
I don't agree with disallowing people to vote just because they disagree with you, but I think there are a lot of people who give a "thumbs down" to stories that make them sad, or which topics they don't like... not necessarily because the article in question is not relevant to this website. If the moderators would make it more clear what the vote actually means, I think we would see a lot fewer thumbs downs on articles that are appropriate, well written, and informative.
preacher1 1
Well Said and agree!
RECOR10 wasn't that the philosophy of the military in the 60s? That's why so many fighters from that era flew > Mach 2. They were essentially horizontal rockets, with a set of narrow wings attached to provide a bit of list and horizontal stability :). The new military focus on stealth and specific-purpose precise armaments has taken over.
lol make that 'lift' opposed to 'list'
preacher1 1
Yeah, there were several but you are describing the THUD, the F104A starfighter, then the SR 71 Blackbird came along and blew everything away. This story is poorly written in that it emphasizes the speed itself, and not the fact that it is the Airport itself that is the target.
Agreed. While I had said "waste of fuel", that was not my fuel to waste. No matter what it is cool, I, for one, look to the military for speed records. That, in and of itself is a shame.
AWAAlum 1
Blocking a thumbs down is in its own way a thumbs down, so you're recommending doing what you're recommending not doing. (Did that come out right??? lol)
CDBrozovich 1
Beautiful Falcon! Beautiful lady, Rupa Haria!
I went back into my flight log and found a Jet Airways flight 9W227 from Newark to Brussels I flew on October 26th 2013. Flight was 3,803 miles in 6 hours and 10 minutes on a A330-300 thats an avg speed of 617 mph. This can be verified thru Flight Aware for that date.
I have flown transatlantic many times and on April 6th 2013 flew from New York JFK to London Heathrow on American Airlines flight 106 a B777-200ER. I keep a flight log of all my flights and this flight was 5 hours and 55 minutes from take off to land. The flight mileage was 3,530 miles, avg speed was 597 mph. I verify all my flights thru Flight Aware when I return home. This was my fastest transatlantic crossing.
Pounds per hour fuel burn was how much on this run?
preacher1 1
Total in video shows about 27000lbs total. Somewhere in there, some of the commentary talks about the hourly burn but I don't remember how much.
Josh Esser 1
This is great news. We have been going the same speed for 60 years.
biz jets 3
The real story here isn't just the time, I've no idea if you've ever flown to London on a private jet, but the main bizjet airport is Luton - so if your a CEO that earns say 35,000 dollars an hour - your stockholders don't want you sitting in a car for an hours drive to London.

The 7X is currently the only jet that can fly non-stop from New York area to London's City Airport - right into the heart of London.,lon=-0.46194100379898373,zoom=8,type=Hybrid,airport=EGLL
biz jets 2
Where were you when the Concorde was around????
Josh Esser 2
The concorde isn't around anymore therefore civil aircraft are basically going the same speeds that the 707 did when it came out in 1958. Perhaps I should have clarified and said we are goign the same speed that we were going in the 50's
biz jets 1
"We have been going the same speed for 60 years"

Last time I checked the concorde was within your time frame, so we actually were going a lot faster - 3 hours and 20 minutes London to New York - I'm sure the 2.5 million people who traveled on the Corcorde would argue with you.

There are also two SuperCruise bizjets currently in the design stage, one by Dassualt which should be interesting, and not too far away.

As for the 7X in this story - your apparently missing the entire point - it isn't the speed, it's the fact they've knocked off an hour of traveling time from Luton to your destination in London - by being the only jet in the world that can travel from New York to Downtown London.
preacher1 1
I can agree with all that after rereading the story, but just reading the story at first glance, it is concentrating on the speed record, not the destination.
LethalThreat 1
Exactly what I was thinking
21voyageur 1
OK, this moves to the top of my Christmas list.
Wonderful news for the business jet industry. Great accomplishment and congratulations.
inoc 1
What happened to the SST not to mention the SR71 - or is this just a record for Dassault?
Colin Seftel 1
I'm guessing that this is a record for travel between the metropolitan areas of NYC and London. Concorde flew from JFK to Heathrow.
StarFlyr 1
A record probably for biz jets. Awarded to whoever wants to put the mach meter on or nearly on the red line AND wants to burn as much fuel as they can.

Stupid and not worth reading about.
When is the G650 going to challenge this.
biz jets 1
The G650 can't challenge it because it's not approved for London City Airport - they have to go to Luton Airport or Biggin Hill then drive by car into London.

On a 7x you step off the plane, and your in downtown London UK>
preacher1 1
They could challenge the speed record. That's what this is all about, not about the particular airport, although downtown is nice.
nzav8tor 1
G650 steep approach capability is in development. Watch this space...
biz jets 1
Better hurry - FTV1 Global 7000 has been approved for construction.
It's being built in multiple locations, and will be assembled in Toronto!!
Robert Black 1
Speed record? Nonsense. Not even true for a civilian jet. The SR-71 crossed the Atlantic in about an hour at Mach 3.3, and the Concorde could go Mach 2. The person who posted this must be too young and/or uninformed to know about those aircraft.
WithnailANDi -1
NY to London ... huge jet ... 3 passengers ... waste of fuel much?
preacher1 1
Not to set a record; good advertising; finished out in Arkansas(LIT); it's got to be good. LOL
bbabis 1
My guess is that you don't own a car and take the bus everywhere. Sometimes the bus works best, but most of the time its worth the extra gas and expense of the car to go where you want when you want.
RECOR10 -4
Seems like nothing more than a waste of fuel. Their time can be bested over and over with a litany of other planes - but, sound minds prevail.
preacher1 1
Well, not according to them. I guess we'll see what the Swiss folks say on the time/speed.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Tom Lyons 1
At that rate she could buy a Falcon 7X in 34 years.
Who's that?
preacher1 1
There was a spammer that posted above that he answered and then FA removed her.
WithnailANDi 1
HA! @Tom Lyons: U funny!
nilayr -9
But all these great sub-mach and mach multiple records will not bring that flight from Malaysia to Beijing back - will it? I love Greyhound and the song by Roy Clarke ( over flying any day.
bbabis 6
Then go post on Greyaware. That is unless you're working on your Pteromerhanophobia here.
WithnailANDi 0

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