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Delta 737 Rolls Off Taxiway

ATLANTA -- No one was injured when a Delta plane rolled off a taxiway and into an embankment at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Tuesday morning. Two Delta maintenance workers were testing the engines on the 737 aircraft shortly after 5 a.m. when the brakes failed and the plane began to move, according to Delta spokesman Eric Torgenson. ( More...

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zennermd 3
rollin rollin rollin, keep those jets a rollin.
Ben Lillie 3
It's funny how the article makes it sound like the plane decided to move on it's own.
AWAAlum 1
Well, there were two maintenance guys in it, and the brakes failed. So - it kinda did.
Lewis Tripp 1
Yup,you got it girl.
This screams HUMAN ERROR to me!
Troy Raiteri 2
N309DE was the aircraft and is now flying routes...
justindpilot 1
Troy Raiteri 1
Look on the tail CLEARLY 309DE
Les Heinke 3
As justinpilot said DOUBTFUL.
N309DE made it's last flight in to Atlanta-Hartsfield on 12 Mar 2012 @ 21:02. The next day this happened.
Wingscrubber 1
This ship won't be flying routes for a while. It'll be in the hangar for a month having NDT done on its landing gear and checks on its brakes, and it'll need a new #1 engine hung, maybe #2 as well. This little accident probably costing millions to repair - and I expect the crew who were working on it are all on paid leave pending an investigation. Serious stuff.
justindpilot 1
I wasn't commenting I the tail number just that it would not be back on the line for a long time.
Eric Cothern 2
That was a bad miss!
That doesn't look cheap.
conmanflyer 1
looks like a great billboard :D
Garth Abdulie 1
brakes failure thats really bad
One word....chocks!!
w2bsa 1
Agreed. When I read the article and heard about it on Tv that was the first thing to come to mind.
skylloyd 1
Can someone tell me whats with this "duplicate squawks submitted" thing and whats up with the times submitted all over the place?
dbaker 0
When a user submits a squawk with the same content as an existing squawk, FlightAware staff can mark that new squawk as a duplicate. The votes and comments from the duplicate are transferred to the original squawk (excluding people who have already voted on the older squawk) and the content of the new squawk are transferred as a comment to the original squawk.
KauaiGolfer 1
The brakes failed? Right. The hatch just blew!
sparkie624 1
Actually, if they were trying to test full power, and basically working with Emergency Power Reserve they would have had to pull the Flt/Gnd Circuit Breaker. If they failed to turn off AntiSkid then the brakes would have automatically release. This keeps flight crews from landing with the brakes on. This would have happened even if the parking brake was set. The Inboard and Outboard brakes are control through 4 seperate valves, and 2 different hydraulic systems were used, plus each hydraulic system has 2 pumps. All 4 brakes to fail, I very seriously doubt it. In my opinion, Mechanics screwed up.
jetbud 1
Hanger pilots hard at work. ¦>\
chalet 3
HangEr is what you use for hanging clothing in the closet. HangAr is where planes and pilots hang around at. Ah, when will people stop needing spell correctors (LOL!!!)
Failed!! both parking and toe?
If parking brake is fed through a shuttle valve this may happen.
w2bsa 1
Why wasn't the airplane chocked??? When I first heard about this on the TV news that was the first thing that came to mind.
Don Wilson 1
Somebody didn't anchor the plane to the hold back chain
Don Wilson 1
Sounds like the mechs didn't anchor the plane to the tarmac using a hold back chain!
David Brooks 1
Maintenance guy asks "Does this mean I am in trouble now?"
Brian Beard 1
"yup, you're screwed."

Well like anything.. it always could be worse. Just glad no one was injured.
Chuck Weeks 1
"Hey boss, the engines check out just fine, now what else was it you wanted us to check?"

With all of the redundancy in the brake systems, I find it hard to digest that the brakes just "failed". It sounds more like someone "failed".
A "taxi ticket" should have mechanics trained to operate all systems of the aircraft short of T/O and flight. How about the engine reversers? Did they fail also?
mrdedwalker 1
Ahhh Kingair, the guy who steals my posts... I bet the pilots who flew the plane not long before had no problems with the brakes. Funny how they failed just for the engineers.
As a retired aircraft technician, doing a Maintenance Run requires to do a check list, I believe the chocks were in place but the parking brakes were not on, the reason for check list is to prevent these Ah S**t, I hope these guys have a Union to save their jobs
Dale Mckinney 2
A union shouldnt be able to save someones job when they mess up like this. Delta Techops isnt union
209flyboy 1
Duhhh! I guess they didn't drag their feet hard enough. This plane is headed to Pep Boys for new brakes. They probably could do a better job!
chalet 1
Well these jerks should have borrowed a couple of the shackles that the Army used at Abu Grabhi in Iraq, LOL!!
linbb 1
Enough find some other web site to mess with quit this dup posting stuff grow up please.
dbaker 1
"the brakes failed"
Not the 1st or last time this has happened. At least this ship is repairable, unlike the brand new Airbus that was written off at the factory during flight testing several years ago. Same type of accident -- engines being run up and the ship winds up across the ramp on top of a blast fence. Doo doo happens.
That is what I was thinking - this is SOOOOO unspectacular compared to the A-340. The way it broke up made for much better pictures than this intact but crumpled plane nose down in a ravine.
Michael Fuquay 1
How embaressing
JD345 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Just kidding.
Jim Quinn 0
I'd say that it was quite fortunate there were no ground support units or personnel in the area. Could have been catastrophic!
davidtruchot -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)


Live feed at ATL airport, B737-700 in a difficult position.
Mitch Coffee -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Airliner runs off taxiway at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

A Delta Air Lines plane undergoing maintenance testing ran off a taxiway and down an embankment at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport early Tuesday.
acmi -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Delta jet in the ditch

my bet- they forgot to set the brakes
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Delta 737 off Runway at KATL

Authorities say a jet sustained significant damage when it rolled off a taxiway at the world's busiest airport.
sparkie624 -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Plane skids off runway in Atlanta

No reports of injuries on board, no other flights affected

This was a maintenance working a/c, testing the engines. A guess would be they had the flight ground CB pulled (putting the plane in airmode), with the AntiSkid turned on. This would make all the brakes inop.
not only the TSA, parts of the american society are turning scaringly fascist. this development is the more amusing that it is coming under a suntanned president. sieg heil, comrades!
Jack Suierveld 1
Get a life Dominik
Casey Strickland -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Delta jet runs off taxiway at Hartsfield-Jackson

A Delta jet lays on its side after an accident on the Northeast portion of the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport taxiway occurred Tuesday, March 13, 2012
fady botros -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Delta jetliner rolls off taxiway during test

A Delta Airlines jetliner veered off a taxiway during maintenance testing at Atlanta


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