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KC-46 Flies Around The World Nonstop
A KC-46 from the 22nd Air Refueling Wing accomplished something no 767 or KC-46 has ever done before. On June 29th, the jet took off from McConnell Air Force base and flew west (More)
Joby's 523-mile eVTOL flight: A huge leap for hydrogen aviation
In a stunning validation of hydrogen's potential in aircraft, Joby Aviation has made an incredible 523-mile non-stop flight with its S4 eVTOL air taxi. That's more than triple (More)
Southwest Airlines Air Taxis May Soon Become a Reality
Southwest Airlines became the latest U.S. airline to join forces with eVTOL manufacturer Archer Aviation to bring electric taxis to California. Opening up access to 14 airports (More)
Mountain Flying Cessna Barely Clears Ridge in Colorado
It appears that the Cessna was attempting a mountain crossing in the Colorado Rockies. When they determined that they could not gain enough altitude to cross the ridge, the air (More)
How Hot Is Too Hot For Airline Operations?
If you are living in parts of Southern California, Nevada, or Arizona, you know its typiccally going to be hot this time of year. High temperatures in the 100s (F) are common. (More)
Could the 'flying piano' help transform air cargo?
At an airfield in Texas, Todd Graetz is hoping to use that concept to disrupt the market for air cargo. Aerolane has been mimicking the tricks used by migrating birds, aided b (More)


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